Homemade Afternoon Tea

Homemade Afternoon Tea recipes for you to try, because our English tradition is fabulous!

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Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Float

This Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Float makes a perfect celebration cocktail. It’s embarrassingly easy but utterly delicious and looks super special and fun.

Chocolate and Raspberry ‘Millefeuille’

No need for tricky pastry making here, instead I’ve used chocolate discs, homemade chocolate mousse (although you can cheat here too and get some shop bought), whipped cream and some fresh raspberries.

Apple and Blackberry Scones

These delicious Apple and Blackberry Scones are light and fluffy and stuffed full of fresh fruit! So, here are some great English scones, in all their rustic glory. Serve with clotted cream and blackberry jelly.

Tangy egg sandwich filling

You could use this filling in interesting ways such as a Vol Au Vents filling for a retro canapé. It’s a really easy and versatile filling recipe! I love eating it with bacon in a sandwich of seeded bread.