Bars, Squares and Brownies

Bars, Squares and Brownies. Recipes for you to try, because homemade is always best!

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Halloween Brownies | Spiders dressed as Mummies

Decorating halloween brownies can be hugely fun. These cute spiders dressed as Mummies could also be a get well brownies. Either way these super easy halloween brownies are both cute and delicious! 

Easter Triple Chocolate Brownies

These Easter Triple Chocolate Brownies are rich and gooey. They are loaded with white chocolate chunks and mini eggs and taste utterly delicious! This might be the best Easter brownie you have ever tried!

Bonfire Brownies

These deeply chocolatey bonfire brownies are delicious wrapped in a sweet, soft coat of toasted marshmallow. You even get some fireworks in your mouth with a topping of popping candy.

The antioxidant rich brownie with raspberries and pecans (Low GI/gluten free/flour free)

A healthy brownie recipe? Yes, my lovelies, really! This brownie is full of antioxidant rich ingredients and high in flavour. Anti-oxidants help prevent cell damage from things in the environment...