Bilbo’s first day at home

Bilbo our blue French Bulldog puppy came home today. Meeting the rest of the family pack was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Coming home with another ‘baby’ filled me with deep joy and a smattering of guilt. What will my big babies think of having a little bro taking up so much of my time?

On my own I sat on the floor and presented our blue eyed bundle to the pack.

Bilbos 1st night at home

After the initial rush it was Rosie Pug who was first to take a longer time sniffing and sussing this new arrival.

Bilbos first day

Rosie is the most maternal of the girls and did an amazing job of helping to raise Poppy our ditsy Boston Terrier.

Bilbo is home!

Bilbo bravely leaves my lap and trots to meet Poppy, with Rosie still sniffing away.

The puppy is meeting her sister

Poppy is a little wary.

When the puppy meets his sister

But Rosie has been won over already.

Bilbo is meeting his sister

Bilbo the blue French Bulldog puppy

Rosie pug thinks Bilbo is stuck and checks him constantly.

Bilbo is being checked by Rosie pug

Then decides that perhaps he’d like to play, but Bilbo’s not ready yet.

Baby Bilbo is not quite ready to play

Bilbo is home and meeting the family

Poppy has realised that Bilbo is no threat and steps forward to say ‘hello’.

Bilbo is meeting his sisters

There will be a mutual love for toys between these two.

We could play?

Mum, he’s slipping!

Meeting the new puppy

Ferris has been observing nearby with a smile. He’s now enjoying having his face licked clean by Poppy. At 11 years old he takes things in his stride.

Feeling relaxed

Bilbo notices Ferris.

Bilbo the blue French Bulldog puppy

Poppy had to work his way in to Ferris’s favour as a pup and has a word in his ear.

meeting the puppy

Meeting the French Bulldog puppy

Meeting the French Bulldog puppy

A French Bulldog puppy meeting the pack

Ferris is the best big brother to his girls (checks and protects them and allows them to snuggle up to him etc) but they had to spend time being polite and calm around him first.

Meeting Bilbo the French Bulldog puppy

He walks off but I think it went rather well for a first meet.

Meeting the puppy

Well done Bilbo.

Meeting the French Bulldog puppy

Bilbo is meeting the family

All the ‘hello’s done it’s time for lunch.

Bilbo in his new home

Rosie ran back to lead him into the kitchen.

Bilbo got left behind but Rosie pug found him

New French Bulldog puppy

That’s Poppy’s bowl, but he can’t resist a peak.

French Bulldog puppy

First time into the garden, he tentatively follows the others.

New French Bulldog pup

Hello puppy

Bilbo’s looking tired so I placed him into his cosy new bed. But he’s having none of it.

French bulldog puppy

Not used to sleeping alone Bilbo falls asleep on my lap (I wore comfy clothes ready for snuggling) and I take the chance to get some work done.

French bulldog puppy falls asleep

After a good snooze Bilbo finds the courage to play with Ferris, who decides this little chap might just be ok.

new puppy playing

happy families

Rosie thinks he’s great and gives him a road test!

new puppy playing

new puppy playing

new puppy playing

new french bulldog puppy playing

new puppy playing

Feeling very excited young Bilbo playfully jumps up and gently bites Poppy’s cheek. He promptly gets told off.

hello new puppy

meeting a new puppy

hello new puppy

Never mind, this lavender is fun.

puppy eating plants

Must attack leaves.

puppy eating a leaf

puppy playing with a leaf

More running about with Rosie, she has taken Bilbo under her wing.

puppy playing with his new sister

cute dogs playing

french bulldog pug

Meeting the puppy

Meeting the puppy

Being a special day the dogs have a new toy box.

new toy box

new toys

new toys

Bilbo has a sweet gentle nature and he has integrated wonderfully already.

One things for sure, Rosie Pug is smitten.

new toys



  1. Andy Kelly
    October 1, 2015 / 8:00 am

    Best post ever!!! These pictures are beautiful!! Bilbo is sooo cute and all the Doggies look lovely 🙂 great job

    • Maria Kelly
      October 1, 2015 / 10:12 am

      Get home, he’s growing by the minute! haha! xx