Canto Corvino, London – My new favourite restaurant!

I’m always on the hunt for extraordinary restaurants in London. It’s our shared family hobby, verging on an obsession. I believe a passion for food is a passion for life. So, imagine my utter glee when my son booked us a table at Canto Corvino, London. A quality restaurant in the heart of London.

The moment you step through the doors the ambience reassures you that this is a place to remember. Relaxed, smartly dressed men, look like regulars from the shiny business blocks not too far away, have a satisfied air as they drank fine wine and tasted perfectly homemade pasta.

Busy, but efficient waiters and waitresses calmly buzz around the tables, topping up glasses and chatting happily to clientele.

A long open kitchen stretches along the back of the room. The back-shot to your table are chefs tossing fresh pasta in glorious buttery sauces. The food here is a modern, hearty, Italian affair.


This would be a wonderful restaurant choice for romancing couples as the lighting is sumptuous and the interior is sleek. There is a pleasant atmosphere of hum. You could burst out laughing here without fear and it’s possible to chatter intimately without being overheard by wide-eyed, blushing neighbours.


It’s also perfect for lunch meetings. It’s a place that will impress your ‘punter’ with it’s industrial chic vibe, and you can feel assured that the restaurant staff will have you back in the office in a decent time (if that’s your goal). The bar has great little tables where you can eat from their express lunch menu and keep your head in your laptop at the same time. Although the food here is incredible and will entice away your attention.


For us it was a chance to catch up with our son over a quick lunch. James has eaten here before, his office is only 10 minutes away. He knew we would love it and he was right.


Cheers to getting together. And cheers to Italian food.


The wine was sampled and appreciated. It was a stunning Vermentino.



Pumpkin & raschera cheese cannelloni, chestnuts & sage.

So beautiful I could cry.


An incredible Lamb ribs, smoked aubergine & sesame.

Both men had this, both men barely spoke until they’d cleaned the plate.


I’d been seeing simply dressed and stunning cocktails passing by on trays and could resist no longer.

Solero – Vodka, passion fruit puree, mango puree, fresh limeA delicious glass of sunshine bursting into a winter lunchtime.


I chose off the specials menu for my main. This was a veal ragu, with a pile of parmesan.

Some may consider it uncouth to order two pasta dishes. But, the thing is, when pasta is like this, you’d be as crazy as a jelly alarm clock not to!


I’m not gushing because I have to. This is not a sponsored post!


I’m here to tell you, my lovely followers, to hop on a bus, flag down a taxi, jump in the car, just get down here to Canto Corvino, London so you can eat possibly the best Italian meal you’ve ever had.




Espresso cured beef Short rib, squash, capers & cipollotti.


Ox cheek, tail & heart tagliatelle. Andy described this as deeply flavoursome and hearty.



A special for winter – a nod to the Ferrero Rocher. If I’d known they tasted this good, I’d have been buying them for decades.


Caramelised pear, walnut praline & honeycomb ice cream. Perfectly poached pear full of refreshing juice, crunchy, caramelised praline and indulgent sweet ice-cream.


This dessert is currently off the menu, but keep an eye out for this chocolate celebration, it was sensational!


I would strongly suggest you find an excuse to book a table here. It’s someones birthday somewhere, right?!


Canto Corvino

21 Artillery Lane
London E1 7HA
0207 655 0390

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Canto Corvino, London

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  1. Andy
    January 2, 2017 / 9:43 am

    Love It! I want to go back already! Awesome pictures on this post! Especially James’s tasting face lol xxx

    • Maria Kelly
      January 2, 2017 / 10:11 am

      I’m desperate to go back! Let’s make it happen! xxx

  2. Charlotte K
    January 6, 2017 / 2:58 pm

    Awesome pics!

    • Maria Kelly
      January 6, 2017 / 5:11 pm

      Thank you Charlotte! xx