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Sticky Toffee Ice-cream Blocks (on sticks!)

These Sticky Toffee Ice Cream Blocks are an incredible flavour made with soft dates, sticky toffee pudding, toffee fudge sauce and salted almonds AND they are on individual sticks. Eeeeee! They are a favourite of Matthew but it really is a crowd pleasing dessert! These really do taste of Sticky Toffee Pudding but they are…

Eton Mess Ice-cream Cake

It’s warming up and the strawberries are tasting divine. It’s the season of Eton Mess! My girlie Charlotte is passionate about Eton Mess. So, I’ve mixed it up a bit and come up with a scrumptious Eton Mess Ice-cream cake.

Frozen Honey Yogurt with Lemon curd puddles topped with Lemon snow

It’s this time of year in England when you may be warmed in springlike sunshine, or equally it could snow. Either is possible in the space of a week. My frozen honey yogurt dessert represents the weather in March. Honey sweetened yogurt looks towards the summer, sharp lemon snow suggests winter still lingers.

Kirsch cherry and amaretti stracciatella gelato

It’s never the wrong time of year to enjoy gelato. Just a glimmer of that warming Autumn sun is enough for me to churn up a refreshing treat. I’m forever thinking up new ingredients to add together and have indulged the family with a few bizarre requests (which they have choffed down with glee –…