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Poppy eats chives!

Poppy our little Boston Terrier is super sweet and impossible to get cross with. I mean, have you seen her adorable face?! She’s just discovered our garden chives, and has been happily chopping through them. But, rather than getting mad, I can’t help but smile. She’s just so FUNNY when she eats!

Doggie paddle

Summer is here (finally)! Getting the fur-babies cool is so important and rubbing their heads with wet hands etc just wasn’t effective. The sun was blazing and so there was nothing for it but a proper dip in the pool. Well, that’s what we told ourselves. Basically we were super excited to see the little…

Snuggle Buddies

If there’s one thing we share with our fur buddies is enjoying the comfort of a warm and cozy snuggle. It’s an event that’s taken very seriously in this household. Basking in the afternoon sunshine is ideal, paw on paw is lovely and spooning is a joy. But, snuggling up to big ol’ Ferris is…