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Walnut Tart with Coffee Mascarpone

The base is a crumbly walnut shortbread shaped directly onto a baking sheet. The light coffee mascarpone is whipped so it’s silky and light with a hit of espresso. The nutty topping is a crunchy layer of honeyed nuts.

Whiskey tiramisu | a twist on tiramisu

I wanted to do a twist on tiramisu and considered beer (too bitter) and cider (too weird) before I thought of a Bourbon Whiskey recipe. Bourbon is used in many delicious whiskey desserts and drinks.

Double Chocolate Cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce and creamy chocolate drizzle

This double chocolate cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce is a useful recipe to have. We all need to know desserts that are great for occasions, such as Valentines day or for when families gather for the holidays. 

Cadbury’s Easter Egg Smash

This one is a great left over easter egg recipe (left overs, hysterical!). Cadbury Easter Egg Smash, my friend, is my gift to you and your loved-up ones. 

Cherry Blossom Pie

This Cherry Blossom pie recipe is absolutely delicious and easy to make. I’ve balanced sweet dark cherries with some sour cherries. This is my best homemade cherry pie recipe and it makes a great family dessert. 

Hazelnut Christmas Wreath with ice-cream and berries

This recipe is a twist on the classic Christmas wreath by adding a hazelnut and cinnamon meringue and having a refreshing ice-cream instead of the usual whipped cream. Decorated with berries.

Summer fruit sticks

The summer fruit sticks I have prepared are raspberry crumble, apple s’mores and banana brittle. Chocolate and fruit are a brilliant combination and kids always love them. 

Easter chocolate wreath

This Easter chocolate wreath is packed full of family favourites, coated in layers of chocolate and is decorated with Easter bunnies, chicks, mini eggs and sprinkles. It is the perfect Easter dessert for kids.

lemon curd cheesecake with lavender and white chocolate

The smooth, sweet creaminess of the no-bake topping with the tanginess of the lemon curd swirls. Then you have the snap of the white chocolate on the crumbly buttery biscuit base and an elegant hint of lavender. 

Summer berry Eton Mess with passion fruit cream

It is unbelievably satisfying with summer berries bursting with juice, lots of crunchy and chewy meringue layered with a soft and lively passion fruit cream.

My Best Berry Crumble

This is my best berry crumble but you can add this topping to any fruit mix you desire. Crunchy and crumbly, this recipe has only 6 ingredients so it’s an easy to make dessert the whole family will love.

Ice-cream Sundae Ideas. Red Velvet, Salted Banoffee, Chocolate Mousse Oreo

I’ll show you how to make an ice-cream sundae that is so deliciously naughty, fun and looks amazing too! Don’t worry the recipes are simple enough and btw they use up any left over brownies!