Gifting Policy

Product Gifting Policy

Time for my Terms and Conditions.

I take huge pride in my work and strive to keep the quality of this blog extremely high. So, in accordance with my promise to my readers to bring them quality, honest content I have to ensure that I make things clear to all brands who wish to work with me.

Terms & Conditions of offers of gifted items

If you would like to offer me a free product or service (“Product Gifting”), whether for review or to style and post on my blog, my Product Gifting Policy is as follows:

  • I reserve the right to decide if and when to feature a gifted product/service in a blog post or on my social media platforms. By sending the items to me you agree that I am under no obligation.
  • I may or may not post about the item in whatever context (blog or social media platform) I deem appropriate, and within my own time frame.
  • A collaboration that requires guaranteed blog/social media exposure (or any other requests like specific keywords or links) is considered sponsored content and therefore chargeable – see paragraph below.
  • If/when a gifted product appears in a blog post it will be marked c/o at the end of the post, if it appears in a social media post I will similarly disclose that the item was gifted to me.
  • Any links included in a blog post will be “no follow” in accordance with Google’s guidelines about paid links, whether “payment” was via a gifted item/service or monetary compensation. Please click here to read about Google’s Link Schemes.
  • By sending the items to me you agree that any returns or collections of unsuitable items will be at your own expense.

Fees for a guaranteed blog post feature, social media exposure or similar

The fee quoted will reflect what level of exposure is required and will be quoted based on those requirements.Please request a quote by emailing maria[at] with full details of what you require and I will get back to you with my fees.

By monetising the blog, alongside publishing great content of interest to my readers, I need to earn a decent living!

Earning my readers trust and loyalty is of utmost importance.