Half-naked Coconut and Raspberry cake

The perfect cake for Valentine’s this sexy little half-naked coconut and raspberry cake, which is prettily dressed in raspberries and rose petals.

Make it for your Wedding Anniversary or any special occasion you paint your nails red!

raspberry and coconut cake - passion fruit, paws and peonies

You want to celebrate the perfectly imperfect (as all us ladies are!). So, not the French Patisserie vibe here.


Share a slice, if you can bare it (it’s meant to be romantic).


What a beauty!

Coconut and raspberry cake - passion fruit, paws and peonies


To make my half-naked Coconut and Raspberry cake you will need:

250g salted butter
250g soft brown sugar
250g self-raising flour
5 large eggs
135g creamed coconut, grated
35g desiccated coconut

50g caster sugar
50g water
1/2tsp vanilla paste

175g unsalted butter
300g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla paste
100g white chocolate

Fresh raspberries
Top quality raspberry jam
a few rose petals
a sprinkle more of desiccated coconut


Turn the oven on to 170C and place a baking paper tray in a large loaf tin.

Make sure all the cake ingredients are at room temperature.

Mix together the butter and soft brown sugar on high until it turns light and fluffy.

Half-naked Coconut and Raspberry cake

Scrape the bowl around a few times to catch all the mix.


Lightly whisk the eggs with a fork and slowly add in to the butter mix with the mixer in medium.

It will curdle slightly at the end no matter how much you mix in, but don’t worry, add the sifted flour and mix in slowly and it will turn out fine.


Now, add the 2 coconut products and also mix in lightly.


Spread evenly into the tin and bake for about 1 hour 15 minutes.

When you get the cake out leave it in the tin while you add the syrup ingredients into a pan and boil for 1 minute.

Prick the cake through all over and then pour the hot syrup all over the still hot cake.


To make the buttercream, lightly beat the soft butter and sieved icing sugar together with the vanilla paste without incorporating too much air. Pour in the melted white chocolate (after it has been left to cool slightly) whilst beating the buttercream some more.

When the cake it fully cold, score the sides with 3 level cuts. Repeat on the other side. Now carefully cut the cake into thin layers using the scores as a guide.


Place the bottom layer onto the serving plate.


Slather 1/4 of the butter cream onto the layer, then a generous layer of raspberry jam.


Keep repeating. Don’t worry at all about getting neat sides.


Now place the cake into the fridge for a few hours. This will prevent the crumbs falling into the buttercream too much.

When ready gently brush away loose crumbs, then get a spatula and spread the remaining buttercream thinly around the edges allowing the jam to join in.

Then a barely there layer on the top to finish.



Decorate with fresh raspberries and rose petals.



decorating a raspberry cake - passion fruit, paws and peonies


The magic really happens when you slice into the cake.


The prettiest coconut and raspberry cake you’ve ever seen!


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Half-Naked raspberry and coconut cake

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