Halia at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Today we dine at Halia at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

We’ve been loving Singapore. It’s neat and shiny, cultural yet haute, organised yet jungly!

Today we’re concentrating on that jungly aspect.

Not the bird eating spider, ant trails like A roads type of jungle, there are Orchids involved…

OK, hands up, we are adventuring in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, followed by a civilised lunch at Halia, a Raffles restaurant in the park, which sits pretty in the Ginger Garden. (Halia is Malay for ginger).

For our Orchid garden experience click here, otherwise come join us for lunch, it’s a jungle out there.

We turned up the soggier side of damp, but were delighted to enter a cool garden room, where we could experience the rainforest without fear of drowning.

A restaurant with wooden tables

The windows were full height, letting in a breeze and robust ceiling fans worked hard to keep us cool.

man reading a menu

The menu was full of tantalising choices. The dishes were European with a bit of Asian magic. Not surprisingly ginger was an ingredient that was creatively included in many.

menu of Halia restaurant

We’d been working hard as intrepid tourists (Singapore zoo – amazing/ the Orchid garden – stunning), so had built up our appetites.

Singapore waitress taking an order

Now, it was time to sit back and soak up the atmosphere. You could sit inside, but then, I think, you’d really miss out.

rainforest plants

The environment simply can’t be experienced through a photo, so click on the short video below to hear and see a rainforest at work.

We sat there, now fluffy and dry, in our own thoughts, having seen so many wondrous things.

I’ve seen an Orangutang swing through the trees to take his love some leaves, a White Tiger literally hang out with a shoal of fish and the most stunning flower garden OF THE GODS. Now, we are listening to the roar of a rainforest. What a blessed life.

man deep in thought

Lychee Mojito for moi, and I can tell you, it hit the spot. A refreshing number.

cold cocktail with lychees

Singapore Sling for James. I’m confident he liked it!

man enjoying a cocktail

Slow cooked Welsh lamb rump, with a caraway gravy. A really good curry to you and me. It was very popular with our men.

meat curry with popadoms

chilli crab dip with prawn crackers. A really good sweet and spicy bowl of crabness. It kind of kisses you softly and slaps your chops at the same time!

Halia at Singapore's Botanic Garden

Charred seasonal greens with ginger milk and salt cured Wagyu beef. A comforting and delicious plate.

Halia at Singapore's Botanic Garden

Singapore style chilli crab spagettini. This was my choice and I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. It was a perfectly balanced dish and I would order it again. Don’t miss this one!

spicy crab spaghetti in a black bowl

Desserts on this trip have been incredible, so this is a big statement. This is probably the best tasting dessert of the whole trip. Really. And it’s quite rightly called Die Die Must Have Chocolate, with chocolate raspberry ganache, cocoa nibs tuile, chocolate marshmallow, raspberry sauce and more.

You can’t miss this dessert!

beautiful chocolate and raspberry dessert

The Other Harbour was also fantastic and so pretty. Mango mousse, pomelo, mango, yogurt sherbert, sable and passionfruit sauce.

Beautiful mango dessert

Although we were full with delicious food and refreshed with iced cocktails, we took a little longer to sit back and enjoy the experience. This is as near to being in a rain forest we’d ever been and we were still buzzing from the experience.

Halia restaurant in Singapore

So, don’t miss this wonderful restaurant on your visit to Singapore!

Halia at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens



  1. Andy
    August 25, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    That video took me right back! Very Jurassic Park!!! Forgot that dessert😳 Xx

    • Amy Jordan
      August 25, 2016 / 8:30 pm

      Did I let you get any? :O) xx