Heston’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream (video)

When it comes to Heston Blumenthal you can be sure of some theatricals. This is one Michelin chef who allows you to have fun with your food and so he evokes memories and associated emotions as you eat. So it is with Heston’s liquid nitrogen ice-cream course.

At DINNER by Heston, his restaurant in The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, the ice-cream is made at your table side. At this restaurant Heston is influenced by historical gastronomy.

Just sit back and listen to the story of how Heston discovered this surprisingly historic idea and watch the drama unfold under a cloud of nitrogen!

Heston’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream (video)

If you are interested in trying Heston’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream, check out our Lunch At Heston’s DINNER, Knightsbridge for more details.

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Lunch at Heston’s DINNER, Knightsbridge