Homemade chocolates and sweets

Homemade chocolates and sweets - Recipes for you to make at home as gifts or just for you!

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Winter Mint Cakes

My Winter Mint Cakes make an ideal gift for food lovers who enjoy Kendall Mint cake. This homemade version is dipped in chocolate and is finished with edible stars.

The best homemade chocolate bar recipe

This is a step by step recipe so it is simple to make. It has popping candy and edible gold glitter for decoration and is stuffed full of pecans, Crunchie bar pieces and peanuts. 

Toast and Marmalade chocolate slices

These Toast and Marmalade chocolate slices do make a wonderful homemade gift for him or her. But, also, they are a great handmade chocolate treat to offer your guests with a steaming cup of tea.

Bonfire Night Popcorn Bark with popping candy

This Bonfire Night Popcorn Bark makes a great treat to enjoy when you are standing watching the fireworks. As you eat the chocolate the popping candy will make little explosions in your mouth! 

Trio Chocolate discs with fruit and nut

I shall teach you how to make chocolate discs. But, not simple chocolate discs with fruit and nuts, this chocolate disc recipe uses swirls of three types chocolate at the same time.