Ice-creams and Frozen Treats

Ice-creams and frozen treats. Recipes for you to try, because homemade is always best!

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Roasted Peach and Pistachio Sundaes

These awesome Roasted Peach and Pistachio Sundaes make an elegant twist on the usual sundae recipes. It is one for grownups and is ideal for an easy dinner party dessert, a romantic meal for two or alfresco dining. 

Hazelnut Christmas Wreath with ice-cream and berries

This recipe is a twist on the classic Christmas wreath by adding a hazelnut and cinnamon meringue and having a refreshing ice-cream instead of the usual whipped cream. Decorated with berries.

Eton Mess Ice-cream Cake

Yes, an Eton Mess Cake! Made from ice-cream! It makes a wonderful family summer dessert. As ideas go, this is one of my best. It’s perfect for alfresco dining, quite easy to make and it is a real crowd pleaser. 

Sticky Toffee Ice-cream Blocks (on sticks!)

These Sticky Toffee Ice Cream Blocks are an incredible flavour made with soft dates, sticky toffee pudding, toffee fudge sauce and salted almonds AND they are on individual sticks. Eeeeee!

Pimm’s Ice-lollies

I really do love a Pimm’s but find it is never quite cold enough, not like an icy gin and tonic. I’ve come up a way to enjoy Pimm's as a refreshing alcoholic ice lolly. It makes a boozy frozen treat for adult gatherings.

Frozen Honey Yogurt with Lemon curd puddles topped with Lemon snow

This Frozen Honey Yogurt is an incredibly refreshing sweet dessert. I’ve added some lemon curd ‘puddles’ and topped with ‘lemon snow’ (essentially a sharp lemon sorbet). It’s a celebration of lemon! 

Frozen breakfast bars

These frozen breakfast bars are a fun way to have a really healthy start to the day. They also make a refreshing snack anytime of the day. As they are full of healthier choices, you can indulge guilt free!

Mince pie Ice-cream

Christmas dessert should be a delectable crowd pleasing festive finish to your Christmas roast. This mince pie ice-cream will keep young and old happy and is super easy to prepare and looks perfectly homemade!

Frozen salted chocolate covered bananas

These healthy frozen salted chocolate covered bananas are so easy to make and the step by step recipe shows you how to ensure the best result every time.

Kirsch cherry and amaretti stracciatella gelato

Since getting my ice-cream maker I have loved coming up with homemade gelato recipes. This Kirsch Cherry and Amaretti Stracciatella gelato is amazing. I think chocolate and cherry are a marriage made in heaven. 

Ice-cream Sundae Ideas. Red Velvet, Salted Banoffee, Chocolate Mousse Oreo

With names like Red Velvet, Salted Banoffee and Chocolate Mousse Oreo, you know it'll be fun! But don’t worry the recipes are simple enough and btw they use up any left over brownies you have!