Indulgent Valentine’s Jar

This indulgent Valentine's jar makes a perfect gift for men at Valentine's. This simple Valentine's jar filled with chocolate and promises written on sticks will bring smiles on the day of love.

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so we are under pressure to come up with a new and loving gift for our partners. I decided that I wanted to give my hubby a quality Valentine’s jar this year, but it has to be full of little things he’ll be really chuffed with. The idea of cute Valentine’s jars has been around for sometime but they are often a bit too sickly sweet looking. I wanted this one to be a simply indulgent Valentine’s jar filled with promises, messages of love and quality Valentine’s chocolate that will make him smile.

This is a perfect Valentine’s jar for a lady too! I buy myself chocolates (regularly), so a normal box of chocolates just isn’t enough. My go to store for festive treats is Hotel Chocolat. They are brilliant at coming up with loads of exciting Valentine’s chocolates, perfect for the romantic and fun loving. This year I picked out Blushing hearts full of melt in the mouth soft centres, a KISS! box of decorative milk chocolate hearts and a box of dark chocolate Chilli Chocolate Sweethearts.



Alongside these irresistible chocolates you’ll need some plain wooden lolly sticks.

Simply write your promises and messages of love on the sticks, as many as you like! Just be sure you actually will let him have the remote control for the day, or cook him his favourite dessert and that you will (as promised) massage his feet (oh, boy).

You can make them as cheeky as you like!


All you have to do is fill up your jar with the delicious Hotel Chocolat chocolates and the lolly sticks.


Cut out a heart from some red paper (I used an unused envelope) and write your message on the front. Then tie in place using a ‘manly’ ribbon for your bloke, or something a little more shiny, for your lady.


When the big day comes your love can take a chocolate and a lolly stick every day (or every hour, it’s up to you!) and just watch him smile.

Whisks and foot balm at the ready ladies (and gentlemen).


By the way, if you are on your own this year, there is no reason why you can’t make an indulgent Valentine’s jar for yourself! Tell yourself how great you are and make promises to take a long soak in a bath, read a novel all Sunday afternoon – and whatever you do, don’t forget the chocolates…



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If at this point you are thinking whether to be bothered – hop over to this post 30 Reasons We Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day


This is not a sponsored post – I’m just spreading the love!

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  1. Andy
    February 3, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    He he v excited!!😊 The idea of getting a foot massage, while watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is just too much🙃🎉🎉👍 Love you 😍😘😘😘

    PS Great pics into the jar👌

    • Maria Kelly
      February 3, 2017 / 2:52 pm

      G reeeat! ;O) Love you too xx