Last of the Summer Fun

The English weather is all over the place at the moment.

One minute my garden is full of small branches and twigs blown down by a bustling wind. Many of which get brought into the house as exciting new chew toys. The next moment we are basking in Floridian temperatures, followed by rumbling thunderstorms.

Many days I’ve had to keep the back doors closed to prevent my mad dogs from sunbathing in soaring temperatures us English folk are frankly unaccustomed to. It’s on these days that we turn garden summer fun into water activities.

After all, the first hints of Autumn have begun to show themselves so lets make the most of these balmy summer days.

We are lucky enough to own an outdoor pool. It’s not a glam one and is only partially sunken (although this year I’ve planted flowers around it’s edges), but it’s very popular with the family, of all breeds…

Boston Terrier swimming

Poppy, our cutesy little Boston Terrier has turned into quite the proper swimmer this year. She has learnt to love it, so much so our lake side walks have become a little more worrisome, as she does her elegant doggie paddle after feathers, leaves or anything else floating away!

Last of the Summer fun

Considering her paws are so teeny she still manages to make quite a splash with her long limbs.

Last of the Summer fun

Un-sunken pools are safer with dogs and young ones around (you can just take the ladder away), but it would be lovely for the pups to get themselves out when they had enough.

Last of the Summer fun

Still, we have Matthew and Charlotte today ready to lift them into their arms allowing the dogs to take a breather.

Last of the Summer fun

A proud little dog

Poppy is still enjoying the coolness and fun of the pool and clearly wants another swim.

Last of the Summer fun

This time, she heads (indirectly) towards Matthew. It’s nice to take in turns letting them go because you get to see their sweet faces.

Last of the Summer fun

Last of the Summer fun

She even doggie paddles as she is lifted out of the water making us all burst with laughter.

Last of the Summer fun

That’s enough for Poppy, so I grab Rosie who needs cooling off but isn’t such a natural athlete.

Last of the Summer fun

Still, she gets her rudder ready and has her (cautious) game face on.

Last of the Summer fun

I haven’t seen many (any actually) pugs swim. Rosie can, but she’s a bit of a floating barrel and her little paws don’t seem to carry her very far or very fast.

Last of the Summer fun

So, Rosie is happiest with a few pairs of supportive hands.

Last of the Summer fun

Last of the Summer fun

wet pug

Knowing she is in Charlotte’s hands her expression becomes more ‘I got this’.

Last of the Summer fun

One nicely cooled down pug.

Last of the Summer fun

Bilbo’s expression however, never changes from ‘What the hell!!?’…


Until he’s lifted out then it’s utterly unimpressed.

Last of the Summer fun

He’s cooled down, so there’s no need for more swimming. Cuddling and gazing into your eyes is much more Bilbo’s preferred pastime.

Last of the Summer fun

We needed another way of cooling the fur babies down though. After all, I’m often here on my own so managing the doggies in the pool is a bit challenging. Matthew came up with a the idea of a paddling pool. I found this one on Ocado (very conveniently). We bought the balls separately (Amazon) hoping they will help tease them in.


Rosie was the most interested initially. I’d been fanning her throughout the day with a Chinese fan (worked wondrously), as she’s found it difficult to cope in these high late summer temperatures.


Andy attempted to place Bilbo in, but he wasn’t at all sure. What an anti-climax! I’d felt sure they’d all charge in, in a wonderful splashy frenzy of summer fun.


Rosie braved the bright water pool, and was clearly dazzled by the plastic balls floating in the glassy water.



This expression is a new one to me…!


Having jumped out with at least her legs and underbelly cooled by the water, she is clearly feeling refreshed.


The bright plastic pool balls seems to have mesmerised them all!


Surprisingly our playful Poppy is the least interested in our doggie water pool, but unsurprisingly our water loving Chocolate Labrador just loves it and throws himself into the summer garden fun.



Poppy’s face is a picture when Andy picks up her sister Rosie and guides her down the water slide.



It was all rather sedate tho’.

All our Bilbo wanted to do is ‘apple bobbing’ with the water balls and no amount of persuading could get him to stay in the bright pool.


This is why having so many different breeds is such a special thing. When one isn’t interested after all your best efforts, another will be. The splashier the better for Ferris!


What have you been doing to keep your dogs cool this balmy weather? I’d love to hear your cool ideas (see what I did there).



  1. Andrew Kelly
    August 30, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    Love those doggies! Ferris is still such a baby 🙂 He has the best smile!! Great post xx

    • Homebody3
      August 31, 2016 / 6:29 am

      Forever young at heart our brown bear xx

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    • Homebody3
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      Oh, it really can be confusing. You are not alone feeling like that! It is a good idea to join a platform such as WordPress because it’s easier for someone to find you. Once you have built up a following, then you could venture away and hopefully most of your loyal and inspired followers will go with you. Have you checked out Niume? They help beginners to gain exposure alongside the leading bloggers. x