High heeling it at Le Bar at Le Grand Intercontinental and the restaurant Drouant, Paris

We decided to go ‘out-out’ in the rather grand neighbourhood of Paris called Opera, so-called because of the magnificent Old Opera House that dominates it. We started this rather extravagant evening at Le Bar at Le Grand Intercontinental hotel, followed by a meal at the Drouant, just a stroll away.

If you are planning an elegant night out in the Opera area of Paris this is the perfect recommendation for you. Expect excellent service, top quality drinks and food, dark sultry lighting and chic Parisians.

Dark, masculine and elegant Le Bar enables the body and brain to switch from a hectic sightseeing mode into a more relaxed one. One look at its bottled shelves is encouraging. It is a neat clutter of top quality beverages.

Le Bar At Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel Paris. Selection Of Quality Beverages.

Selection of quality beverages.

Very satisfied, we settle in. Despite its in-house specialities it’s the kind a bar you can order your go-to cocktail (my favourite being an Amaretto Sour) and the bartender responds with a reassuring smile and a nod. Perfect!

Le Bar At Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel Paris. Dark, sultry lighting.

Dark, sultry lighting.

There is nibbling, chatting and anticipation as we watch our bartender create, shake and stir.

Le Bar At Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel Paris. Cocktail Making.

Cocktail making.

Our cocktails arrive and we ‘cheers!’ to each other. We love Paris and it’s ‘swishness’.

All our cocktails taste absolutely divine. We were loving life and everyone in it!

Le Bar At Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel Paris. Cocktail.

Espresso Martini.

We sat on the big comfy stools at the bar. It’s often where the action is at.

Le Bar At Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel Paris. At The Bar.

Sitting at the bar.

It’s been such a lovely way to start off our evening.

Le Bar At Le Grand Intercontinental Hotel Paris. Father And Daughter.

A short walk away is the restaurant Drouant. We have eaten here before a year before and was so impressed we really wanted to take the kids.

We enter the restaurant to be greeted by the smartly presented staff. They walk us to our table. We have entered a calm and classy world.

The Drouant Restaurant Table Setting.

The table setting.

We are seated, watered, fed bread and handed a rather serious wine list (book). The sommelier advises us and the result was very satisfactory.

The Drouant Restaurant, Paris. The Interior.

The interior.

Being English we love bread and butter. This bread and butter was exceptional. A very good start, but not altogether surprising in one of Paris’s top restaurants I suppose!.

The joy of Antoine Westermann’s menu is his 4 treatments of fish, meat or vegetable etc. For starters we shared the fish and meat plates.

Drouant Restaurant Starters.

Drouant restaurant starters: 4 treatments of fish and 4 treatments of meat.

There was clashing of forks as we hungrily wanted a taste of each.

Drouant Restaurant Starters: 4 Treatments Of Fish And 4 Treatments Of Meat.

Clashing forks.

This was fun and the conversation centred entirely on these delicious morsels.

Drouant Restaurant Starters, Paris.

The service continued to be flawless. Our mains arrived. Mine was a lamb shoulder confit. It was utterly sublime.

Main Course, Drouant Restaurant, Paris.

Lamb shoulder confit.

My daughter enjoyed this roasted cod.

Main Course, Drouant Restaurant, Paris. Roasted Cod.

Roasted cod.

These chips were super crispy, very moreish and shared all around the table. Well, there was no choice!

Chips, Drouant Restaurant, Paris.

Crispy chips.

Dessert caused a lot of excitement. That apple, wow! That chocolate macaroon, perfect! And that chocolate what-ever-it-was-just-give-me-more in the glass was heavenly!!

Desserts At The Drouant Restaurant, Paris.

Desserts : 4 treatments of chocolate and 4 treatments of fruit.

Just room for coffee and these amazing treats: super smooth truffles and orange zest (slow roasted, maybe?) like I’ve never had before.

Coffee And Petite Fours, Drouant, Paris.

Coffee and petite fours.

Our evening drawing to a close we leave the restaurant to lots of smiles and thank you’s. We hopped (fell/collapsed) into our uber taxi with a ‘Phwoar! that was good!’.

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