About Maria

lifestyle blog for midlife women

Hello, thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about me.

I'm Maria a midlife English blogger. I write this lifestyle blog for women over 40 who love to live an elegant life.

I met my husband Andy when I was 16 and have been in love with him ever since. We have two children who have grown into incredible people in their own right and we pinch ourselves how lucky we are that they and their partners come and hang out with us often.

We live in a big old house in Surrey, England that needs constant love and attention with four dogs who are the babies of the family.

This blog is full of lifestyle articles I hope you'll enjoy - written with the intention of sharing my love of living an elegant way of life.

I have always appreciated things with an elegant style rather than fashion and believe elegance never goes out of style. Elegance is an attitude too. So, I choose to live life as elegantly as I can.


Here are some of my favourite quotes:


Elegance is not being noticed, it's about being remembered

Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness

Modesty is is highest elegance