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A lifestyle blog for women to brighten and inspire through humour, compassion and honesty.

Hi, thank you for ‘popping in’ to find out a bit more. This is a midlife lifestyle blog for women, where my family's passions are shared with you. These are things that make us all happy. We are lucky enough to see and experience some brilliant things and here is where we’ll share them with you in an honest, compassionate and often humorous way. Perhaps you can be inspired to try a few ideas with your loved ones!

My name is Maria and I’m a life long optimist and the one writing the blog posts. But, this is really a family affair with all of us sharing photography and so many interests.

I hope you’ll find my blog to be inspirational and useful and that you come and visit here often, because life is too short to eat a bad meal, stay somewhere crappy or to feel alone when midlife shakes you up.

Let's make the most out of midlife!

Passion fruit, paws and peonies is a lifestyle blog for women - so if you have any feedback, or any stories that you think should be featured on a lifestyle blog for women, suggestions are always welcome here - just comment or email!


We are all foodies. So, whether we find brilliant food at a swish Michelin restaurant in the city or the best gelato made from a secret family recipe deep in a mountain village, this is where we share it with you. foodie is where I’ll share only the best restaurants, cafes and food markets we can find!

As a family we ALL love to cook. Some of the recipes become treasured and well used. cook is where you can find these, along with new exciting favourites I simply have to share. I hope you give our much loved recipes a go!

Our small pack of dogs are at the heart of the family. Click over to paws for huge amount of cuteness, laughs as well as great places to walk and dog friendly places to eat and visit.

We all adore being immersed in different cultures and traveler is where I’ll share the highlights of everything we find. I want to see the best the world has to offer, is that too much to ask?! 

Sometimes, we are just out and about loving what we see. So, here, you'll find museums, galleries and more. Everything not food or paw related!

*NEW* Brand new to this English lifestyle blog for women is our Vlogs category,  where we hope you'll enjoy lot's of our video adventures. We are having a blast with these! 

Our Let's Talk category, is where I let you in on my real life revelations and thing's get personal. I talk about issues concerning women around their midlife but have a laugh along with it!


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