Lunch Dating at Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield

Some of you may remember our dear children bought me a voucher for Mother’s Day for a 7 Course Signature Menu for 2 at The Crazy Bear.

So, I took my ol’ bear along on a lunchtime date (often referred to as hubby).

We picked Beaconsfield (the other choice is Stadhampton) and chose the English (rather than the thai) menu.

Beaconsfield is absolutely gorgeous. The high street is filled with rows of Georgian and Tudor architecture.


Crazy Bear is a hotel and discreetly takes up many of the buildings around the Old Town centre (just look out for the window shutters, as in the photo above).


Always at the entrance is the wooden Bear, looking rather sad and insecure near the entrance. But, this place is quirky, eccentric and rather Oh La La.


The interiors are all designed by the owner, who will periodically send some extravagant object for the staff to find a home for.


The sizeable bar is glam, shiny and full of taxidermy.

You may find your jaw open wide initially. Taxidermy is sensitive subject for some.

I was assured that only animals that died a natural death are used and the lady who prepared these animals has great respect for the animals.


I have to say, they are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.



Stepping into the dining room, Andy and I grin at each other. The room is lovely.

They tell us that it is the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield. It used to be a fifteenth century coaching inn.


The old buildings charm has to share it’s glory with elaborate and va va voom design. It’s unique and rather lush.


The glamour continues round the corner… I kind of love the flamingo (is that wrong of me?)


You can learn the farm to table philosophy of the restaurant and I can’t help but smile back at this happy pig.


This chap, above the old fireplace, looks rather grim however.


The menu is leather clad and sounds simple, elegant and enticing.

Our waitress is smiling and friendly as she talks us through the choices. We both chose the classic menu (rather than the vegetarian).


With someone looking over my shoulder it’s now time for the serious business of picking a cocktail.

There are so many I like the sound of, such as the Lychee Mojito and the Strawberry and Basil Mule.


In the end I went with the waitresses recommendation and had this Crazyberry, fantastically delicious with gin, berries and lime. YUM!!


We ‘cheers’ to our children for their love and thoughtful gift.

Together for 30 years, and still excited to be on a date with you, darling Andy.




Our first dish arrived. Cream of alliums valoute (wild garlic chiffonade).

Very very tasty!


Our second dish. Home oak-smoked Cornish mackerel and horseradish pate with herb croutons.

Andy, a fan of mackerel, adored this simple but moreish dish.


I was a little surprised when I was served this very very simple fare. But as soon as I bit in to it, wow, it was scrumptious!

Local asparagus with pink grapefruit hollandaise. When food is this simple there is nowhere left to hide. This dish is a winner.


Tsarine Bucks Fizz sorbet. I know I keep repeating myself, but again, A mazing.


Hubby was in frozen fruit heaven.



The loos are downstairs – you are supposed to remember the colour of the door knob (no F, no stick lady in a skirt, no nothing). I found myself repeating silver, silver, silver all the way.

(you’ll pass this peacock on the way – wearing a cut glass necklace)


I found I couldn’t work the giant handwash shower head. Then brilliantly one came alive and I dashed over and stuck my soapy hands underneath, humming a tune.

Later Andy broke it to me that the men and womens loos are kinda open plan – and it would have been some guy who turned on the mysterious shower head. Just for me to jog over and thrust in my wiggling fingers. I’m still red faced.

Spot this private dining room downstairs too!


There are two choices for the main dish. We decided to each try one. Obs I grab the meat dish, but Andy thoroughly enjoyed this Pan Fried Dorade Royale, buttered Jersey Royals, samphire, champagne sauce and purple basil pesto. The dishes here are sooo flavoursome.


I chomped into this Slow Cooked Belly of Glouchestershire Old Spot Pork, creamed lovers, buttered green beans and spiced cider jus, trying not to catch the eye of the piggy in the picture.

Sure tasted good.


The dessert is something I’ve never ordered. So we were quite excited to try this fantastic sweet.


The classic showstopper.


Crazy Bear baked Bombe Alaska. Lemon sponge, raspberry ice-cream, glazed meringue and chambord raspberry sauce.


Flambéed at the table with raspberry eau de vie.


The whole experience was delightful and had us grinning like a child getting their first birthday candle!


Ta Da! Scrummy, yummy, sumptuous loveliness.


The cheese dish. A little Deep Fried Somerset Brie Beignet, to munch and crunch through. Lovely but after the Alaska finale it wasn’t really necessary.


Back out in the stunning Old Town streets of Beaconsfield, I give my hubby a big bear hug.

Thank you James and Charlotte (my bear cubs) for a fantastic gift, we love you both so much xxx

Crazy Bear English Restaurant
Old Town




  1. Andy
    June 9, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    Crazy indeed!! Especially the mirrored urinals!! A view I’m not used too😳😳 super fun date! Loved it xx

    • Maria Kelly
      June 9, 2016 / 3:54 pm

      Heck!! That’s too funny! xx