Lunches + Salads

Lunches + Salads. Recipes for you to try, from my kitchen table to yours!

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Sweet Potato Wedges with Walnut Salsa Verdi

These Sweet Potato Wedges with Walnut Salsa Verdi are fantastically healthy. They make a great side dish with sausages or lamb chops or a satisfying vegetarian lunch for two. Eat hot or cold.

Banana crumpets with cream cheese, pistachios and rice syrup

They are quick and easy to make and you could eat them for breakfast, lunch or even as a snack! It makes a great change from avocado on toast! 

Paprika chicken and avocado salad roll with smoked chilli mayo

This would make a great paprika chicken sandwich but I had a fresh roll selection. I used the ingredients I love in a homemade guacamole and spices I use in a chicken fajita.

Baked camembert with bacon, honey, pine-nuts and rosemary

Baked camembert with bacon is one of those dishes I crave each Autumn and Winter. This simple recipe makes an easy lunch or starter. The addition of honey works wonderfully with the bacon and cheese. 

Roasted sweet potato with brie, walnuts and a spicy citrus dressing

This is a super delicious healthy side, supper or lunch dish. Sweet potato is so good for you and this dish feels indulgent and filling. Just what you need from a winter meal.

Halloumi and Watermelon salad

I had a fantastic Halloumi and Watermelon salad in Sydney on a recent trip. I jotted down what I tasted and changed a few things as I munched up. It’s a quick and easy recipe and healthy lunch idea.

Spelt Irish soda bread with Irish whiskey soaked sultanas

Soda bread is fantastically tasty and easy to make bread. This Spelt Irish soda bread as an almost gluten free option, as spelt is naturally low in gluten. It is a great homemade bread for toasting or just slathering in butter.

Broccoli ‘couscous’ Greek Salad

There are plenty of cauliflower ‘couscous’ recipes out there, but I like the bright green of the broccoli. Adding some delicious Greek salad ingredients makes this a crowd pleaser and so makes a wonderful side or super powered lunch.

Cheesy, chicken and pancetta pull-apart bread

If you are a fan of a cheese toastie, think of this as a sharing pull-apart toastie. You don’t have to use these particular fillings, I’ll share with you a list of alternative loaded pull-apart bread ideas. 

Loaded Carrot Hummus

The carrots are roasted for maximum flavour and the toppings add texture and flavour. Harissa is swirled through. This quick and easy recipe makes a healthy lunch or snack idea.

Tuna salsa salad with avocado jackets

This tuna salsa salad with avocado jackets make a fun and healthy lunch. They are super easy to make, so you can make this quick and healthy lunch anytime. It’s very fulfilling and should keep you going for hours.

Kicking Chicken Lickin’ Salad

Think of this as the best spicy healthy Coronation Chicken Salad recipe. It is an easy recipe and makes a delicious and healthy lunch or picnic salad. It’s a great recipe to use leftovers, whether it’s chicken or turkey.

My favourite quinoa salad with pomegranate and pistachios

It’s a perfect side salad to have up your sleeve for bbq’s and family get-togethers. It also makes a brilliantly healthy vegetarian lunch.

Tangy egg sandwich filling

It’s a really easy and versatile filling recipe. I love eating it with bacon in a sandwich of seeded bread. Think of it as a gourmet egg sandwich or a great picnic recipe.