Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina bay is stuffed with stunning international landmarks. So, if you love an exciting city scape with bundles of character this is the blog post for you.

We were staying at The Westin Singapore. It’s address is Marina View and despite towers standing all around (and more being built) there really was a marina view.

We were up at the crack of dawn, courtesy of jet lag. But, then we got to see the pink skies hanging over a twinkling Marina Bay.


Comfy sun loungers wait by the affinity pool. The heat took our breath away and steamed up the camera and our glasses as we stepped out from the air conditioned atmosphere inside.

So, we decide it now or never for a swim. Besides, we had it all to ourselves.


Everyone else was sleeping.


We crept back to the rooms to wake James and Charlotte and the men got into their swim shorts. It always feels amusing to me to head down a hotel lift with a dressing gown and oversized flip flop hotel slippers on.

Charlotte took great photos of her dad and brothers diving styles for her Instagram @charlottekelly2205



Pretty different styles, I think you’ll agree.

So, as the nighttime lights switch off and the sky gets lighter, James does a few lengths while we make our plans for the rest of the morning. It’s our first day in Singapore and the obvious place to start is down there, at the Marina Bay.


As we head back inside as the sun hits our hotel tower. Back up the lift with wet hair, damp dressing gowns and soggy hotel slippers we talk non stop. Singapore promises to be exciting.


It only takes 5 minutes to walk to the bay and, oh boy, is it humid. If I didn’t wipe the camera lens just before a shot it would steam up!



So, cloth at the ready, we head off, pointing at this and that. There are so many astonishing buildings here.

Marina Sands Bay is this iconic 3 ultra modern high rise building with a surf board on top (officially the Sands SkyPark). To me, the thought of the affinity pool up there seems terrifying. My vertigo kicks in looking up, let alone being up looking down!


The 1920’s Fullerton Hotel looks quaint sitting at the feet of modern giants.


James and Andy wore matching outfits. This happens in close families. Still, we can’t help but rib them for it.


Skirting the marina, at times the buildings do literally tower over you.


There are structural amusements dotted around. This one sprays cooling water as you take a seat in the shade. No need today tho’ it’s cloudy and humid.


This one moves like a living creature and has you hypnotised. Must look away.


Andy has found his favourite. As if my man wasn’t loud enough. Now there’s no stopping him!




Looming ahead is the Singapore Flyer. It’s the world’s largest observation wheel and is therefore striped out of the itinerary.

A bunch of restaurants line this side of the marina but they haven’t opened yet. When they do, they spill out enjoying the shade of the palm trees.


A super glitzy shopping mall tucks into the corner (pass through this to get to Marina Sands hotel). There are high end designer shops to gape at as you take advantage of the air conditioning for a while.


Two giant sleeping Armadillos (Theatres on the bay) catch your eye on the opposing side. They’re kinda cute and they are Singapore’s version of Sydney’s Opera House.


Possibly my favourite part is this beautiful water garden at the base of Singapore’s Art and Science museum.

You can sit in this tranquil spot and even this greyest of days is transformed.




The Helix bridge is a wonder. Can’t imagine how they chose the name.


Those of you with a sharp sporting eye will notice the grandstand and, therefore, part of the marina where the Grand Prix takes place.

Much detailed and enthusiastic discussion took place between the boys. Despite mimic yawning I found myself asking, ‘what? where?’.


You get a great view from it’s viewing platforms. The art and Science museum looking every bit an orchid sits opposite a floating sports field, naturally.

This is why I love this place. It’s brilliantly quirky and unusual.


Another view of the grand Neo-classical Fullerton Hotel, looking squat but holding it’s own. The Raffles landing site looks even more dinky. Sir Raffles statue is here. The word is, not to bother visiting this, it’s the busiest part and not particularly impressive. Just know that Singapore started here. Done.


We stopped briefly for a much needed icy cocktail at the Fullerton. Feeling better we popped out the back of the hotel, where you enter the Downtown Core. Two attractive bridges and flower pots galore make this area more personal somehow.

This is the Cavenagh Bridge, the only suspension bridge in Singapore and one of the oldest.


So, there’s more to Singapore than the recently developed marina, but for us it has been a fantastic start to our trip.


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Singapore Marina - passion fruit, paws and peonies



  1. Andy
    July 19, 2016 / 12:23 pm

    A steamy post! Is that because I was wearing my new shirts👌😉 xxx

    • Maria Kelly
      July 19, 2016 / 12:43 pm

      That too, there there. ;O) xxx