Chiltern Firehouse and Zoilo, Marylebone

The wonderful thing about having a son living in London is that you have the perfect excuse to meet up there.

So, expect top recommendations for places to sup cocktails and nosh steak, we’re going big.

Having traveled to lots of cities, London is still one of the very best and that warms the cockles of my soul.

I love love love strolling around the streets, especially ones filled with cafes spilling onto the paths, where boutiques display their wares in ye olde shop windows and ancient pubs with leaded windows take pride of place in the corners.


We were meeting up here. The Chiltern Firehouse, which really did used to house the Fire Brigade. Incredibly, it’s the fancy orange brick building with all the chimneys.

It’s now a glamorous and swanky hotel.


I love the huge bay windows where fire engines would have passed through with their sirens screaming.


James and his Charlotte turned up all smiles despite tube chaos and confusion.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Having a quick look at Chiltern Street, I can see it’s adorable! The well instagramed Monocle cafè is here! I make a mental note to come back and explore this area more (watch this space).


It’s a great street for perusing (and whisky buying).


We are all together again (nearly) and enjoying a catchup. Matthew couldn’t make this one, he was too busy making gorgeous bespoke Savile Row suits. Sad for us, but lucky for the newly dapper men involved.



We head through the hotel’s courtyard and it’s oyster bar. Outside eating spaces like this in London are rare. I elbow hubby excitedly, winking. This has summer lunch date all over it!



However, today we are just stopping in for a cocktail.


Andy is not such a cocktail lover as the rest of us and orders a cool glass of white.


Our cocktails have beautiful colours and are simply stunning. I’m delighted and would have stared at it lovingly for days if it hadn’t tasted so wonderfully.


In fact I may have drunk it a little quickly on an empty tummy!

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Hubby come to the rescue and orders some little batons of warm cornbread, which were soft with a sweetly caramalised crust. Divine and saved the day.


James recommended this Argentinian restaurant. He’d been there before and so it had been tried and tested.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Inside is a dinky but swanky space. Just a handful of tables make this restaurant feel both intimate and exclusive.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

I do love an Argentinian restaurant and I’m anything but disappointed when I read the menu. So many fantastic flavoursome dishes to choose from.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

These Crab on toast, “humita norteña”, marjoram & pickled turnips were the perfect way to start our feast. Fresh and crunchy, sweet crab with the little pickled turnips are a revelation.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

I’ve never tried Empanadas before, and these were like little pasties.
Braised cuttlefish, fennel & chorizo. Hand cut beef, potatoes, spring onions & olives. Spinach, goats’ cheese, raisins & pine nuts.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Please promise me you will try their “Provoleta“. It is their speciality and is to die for.
Provolone cheese, almonds & oregano honey.

Gosh, it was good. I did hog this one a bit, and would do so the next time.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

We have two Charlottes now. This is James’s lady and is quite new to wine. So, here she is sampling a couple of tasters, getting to know her grapes.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Cheers everyone. Here’s to family time.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

The mains come and mine is a definite winner. Chimichurri beef burger, provolone, caramelised onions and pickles. This is no ordinary burger, I would order this again and again…

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Charlotte ordered this delicious and much lighter plate of Sea bass ceviche, onions, radishes & preserved lemon.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

This was a popular dish too. A wonderful plate of Grilled octopus, black tomatoes, Jersey royals & pickled mussel’s mayo

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Argentine Rib eye steak (300g) & chips “Provenzal”

Zoilo, Duke's Street

The food here is fantastic, we all really enjoyed the savouries.

We take a little break before desserts and just enjoy each others company.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Rather fantastically, there were a choice of five desserts (and five of us) so we opted for one of each.

THIS Dulce de leche Crème Brûlée & “banana split” ice cream!

Zoilo, Duke's Street

I normally like rice pudding traditional style, but this Alphonso mango, rice pudding, lime & coconut sorbet was divine and a lighter version for summer.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Chocolate mousse, cherries, honeycomb & olive oil. OK stand back, this one’s a bit of me!

Zoilo, Duke's Street

These English strawberries, mascarpone, almonds & yerba mate were a lighter more refreshing way to finish the meal and Charlotte’s favourite.

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Buchannan’s cheese, “zapallos en almibar” & fruit loaf. DElicious!

Zoilo, Duke's Street

Wow, what a meal, what a cool place and what fun we had. Thanks to the friendly staff, a relaxed and sharing menu and my lot for making it so much fun.

What are you waiting for? Get on a train, bus or Boris bike and head to Marylebone. Chiltern Firehouse and Zoilo are waiting for you.

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Zoilo restaurant, London - passion fruit, paws and peonies



  1. Andy
    August 8, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    I wonderfully colorful sunny day together😄 Best food pics so far Honey. You are definitely getting used to the new camera👍 Xx

    • Maria Kelly
      August 8, 2016 / 7:33 pm

      I could eat it all again. Great recommendation by James! xx