MASH London

MASH London follows the rather awesome American tradition of a steak house, where steaks come chunky and desserts come sweet.

Quality is the name of the game here, with steaks from some of the best cattle in the world. It can make it difficult to decide, if it wasn’t for the American standard service that comes along side, guiding your choices towards your carnivorous preferences.

It actually has a Danish team behind these restaurants (the first MASH we discovered was in Copenhagen). I think, perhaps, the Danish sense of humour has turned a great steak into a great experience.

MASH restaurant London

Inside, it’s giving out a glamorous and elegant American Art Deco vibe.

Bar at MASH London

If you are lucky, you’ll meet Miroslav who greeted us on this oddly hot and humid Autumn day with chilled water in stylish glasses.

Bar at MASH London

Feeling recovered from the tubes and typically hectic streets of Piccadilly we got to picking a cocktail each from a fabulous Prescription Book, with ‘Prescription for Medical Liquor’ written on the front and unique MASH cocktails in it’s pages. Such as Danish Crown which promises to ‘give you a hint of how it is to wear a crown on the top of your head’.

cocktail with egg white

Andy ordered a Vodka Sour with egg whites (which he crooned over) and I ordered ‘one of this’.

cocktails on a bar

We loved the packet of sweets, giggling at how fabulous it is to mix classy and quirky.

cocktail making tools on bar

You may catch Miroslav cutting large ice-cubes from one giant glassy block.

I just love the detail! Spot the branding on the ice placed neatly by the bartender.

giant ice block in bar

I think he could make a pretty impressive ice sculpture with a that kit!

tools for cutting ice in bar

One exceptional cocktail you should try when you’re here is the NYC Cola with pure old Bourbon Whiskey.

Neither I nor my husband knew we even liked whiskey that much. Now, we would go back for this cocktail!

Besides you get a hand cut branded piece of ice. Not convinced?

branding ice

adding ice to cocktail

dropping ice into cocktail

Convinced yet?

whiskey cocktail

And it tastes as good as it looks!

Whiskey cocktail with ice

Now settled in we are led to our table. Even though we are having an early lunch the restaurant is wonderfully lit.

MASH London

Art Deco restaurant interior

Booths are everywhere. We love a booth, finding it gives a more intimate experience. Whether you are dining in a party of two or six, you can be in your own bubble.

Art Deco restaurant interior

Andy loved this menu. Happily discussing the virtues of American steaks (very soft) to the Danish (more texture/flavour) to British (well known and loved) to Wagyu (hand picked by a master, but concerns regarding heart attacks) and so on…

table setting at steak restaurant

I actually had my eye on the burger, feeling a little rebellious doing so, but you can’t help your cravings, can you? I sort of expected to sense a little disappointment from the waiter, but he looked at me with an eye of confidence. Great. This could be really good.

man at table with cocktail

The wines can be pricy here, but there are also some very good slighter cheaper ones. This one a very good Russian River.

red wine poured into glass

The bread. Oh the bread. It’s crunchy, with a salted crust and incredibly difficult to stop eating.

slice of bread and butter

Serrano ham. Very flavoursome.

plate of Iberico ham

MASH salad: Chicory, baby gem, grapefruit, beetroot, soy, peanuts, candied pecans. A lovely balance of flavour and textures. Surprisingly satisfying.

bowl of nutty salad

Danish dried aged rib-eye steak. A revelation to Andy who learnt he liked more texture and loved the full on beef flavour.

beef steak

Sides. Chilli cheese balls, packed a punch (actually a bit spicy for me, but just right for Andy).

Vegetables. Green salad with vinaigrette, very good (perhaps a bit lighter on the dressing for me tho’). Sautéed Jalapeños, enjoyed by my chilli lovin’ hubby. Sautéed corn with bacon, where has this been all my life?

sides at steak restaurant

THIS burger. This MASH burger with bacon, cheese and chilli fries (actually has more than that going on including a chunky onion ring and a gaggle of sauces). It’s one of the best, maybe the actual best, burger I’ve ever had.

It’s everything (and I normally save this kind of talk for the desserts!).

loaded burger with fries

Andy wrapped his chops round it and exclaimed ‘wow!’. We were both very happy.

man eating large burger

We were actually satisfied and didn’t need a dessert, except to say, we were intrigued as everything else had been so good. Plus, I’m a serious blogger and I couldn’t just leave you hanging.

We ordered the MASH cheesecake with rhubarb compote and rhubarb sorbet, and the MASH dreamcake with vanilla ice-cream.

a slice of rhubarb cheesecake

Both were very good. Just not as great as the rest of the meal. The dreamcake was a new dessert for us, with  it’s mushroom fancy dress. It has gentle coffee flavours.

man photographing dessert


half eaten dream cake

Typically of MASH the bill came with a sense of humour. This made us smile and it’s another thing we love about MASH restaurants.

a restaurant bill

MASH combines brash and brand with elegance and flair. You get an American experience with a Danish poke of fun. We were busy planning which table would be good for when we return with our kids and co. We can’t say better than that.

MASH London

77 Brewer Street
W1F 9ZN London

Find it here.

It’s open every day except Sunday lunchtime.

If you are heading to Copenhagen see our experience here.

Thank you to our daughter and her fella for buying us a gift card for this lunch date. We had a really wonderful time.

Get your gift card here.

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MASH London restaurant review



  1. Andy
    September 20, 2016 / 11:32 am

    Awesome post! Very well written. One of your best, I read it twice! I want to go back already!!! However, I’m sure there was a pic of you chomping into that burger??🤔

    • Homebody3
      September 20, 2016 / 12:30 pm

      I’m more comfortable being behind the camera, especially when eating a well stacked burger! x