Mince pie Ice-cream

This mince pie ice-cream is a Christmas dessert that gives maximum joy with minimum effort! It’s a cheat really, but boy does it taste good and it’s so quick and easy to make. This mince pie ice-cream can be made ahead of time so you can get it out the way. I actually make a batch as a reserve dessert in case we get taken short. This Christmas ice-cream will keep young and old happy. You could just scoop it out or serve it in individual slices. Another idea for us grownups, is to add to some booze to a scoop of the mince-pie ice-cream –  a splash of brandy, port or sherry (just saying).

But the easiest Christmas dessert idea is to just serve it on a platter – just cut into slices and serve…

Mince Pie Ice-cream Recipe. Christmas Dessert Idea.

Serve the mince pie ice-cream on a platter.

I’ve added roasted almonds for a little crunch against the chewiness of the dried fruit. But this is really a no-fuss Christmas dessert and one I make every year.


Christmas Mince Pie Ice-cream Recipe.

Easy and quick to prepare!


Mince Ice-cream Dessert. Christmas Recipe.

Make well ahead of time.


Christmas Mince Pie Ice-cream Dessert. Easy And Quick Recipe.

Great for using up remaining mince pies.


Cheats Mince Pie Ice-cream Recipe. Christmas Dessert.

A cheat that looks homemade!!


How to make cheats mince pie ice-cream



  • 2 tubs of your favourite vanilla (Haagen-Dazs does it for me)
  • 3 quality mince pies
  • 50g toasted almonds

This will make about 8-10 portions.



Lay the inside of a large loaf tin with clingfilm. A few layers give it some more strength.


Preparing The Tin For Mince Pie Ice-cream.

Prepare a large loaf tin.

Sprinkle some toasted almonds into the bottom of your tin and place about 5 small pieces of minced pie there too. This will ensure a few bits of minced pie will be displayed at the top of your ice-cream slab along with the almonds.


Mince Pie Ice-cream. Break Up The Mince Pies.

Break up the mince pies.


Mince Pie Ice-cream. How To Make The Best Christmas Dessert.

Place the toasted almonds and a few pieces of mince pie at the ‘bottom’ (will be the top).

Scoop out the ice-cream into a bowl then sprinkle over the minced pie pieces and a few remaining toasted almonds.


How To Make Easy Mince Pie Ice-cream.

Add rest of ingredients together.

Use a spoon to lightly mix the mince pies and almonds through the vanilla ice-cream, then tip the newly formed mince pie ice-cream into your loaf tin.

Work quickly before it melts!


Making Mince Pie Ice-cream.

Tip the mince pie ice-cream into the tin.

Even the surface and wrap the layers of cling film over the top.

Place in the freezer for at least 4 hours or overnight.


Mince Pie Ice-cream. How To Make An Easy Christmas Dessert.

Add to freezer (cover the top).

This will keep for ages and can used as a super dessert ready for unexpected guests. We often just take one or two slices at a time when there is no guests with us.


Mince Pie Ice-cream. Christmas Ice Cream dessert.


So, how would you serve yours? Are you tempted to scoop some into a bowl with a splash of brandy? Tell me in the comments below – as always I love to hear from you.


Mince Ice-cream

Merry Christmas!! xx


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