Mother’s Day Chocolate and Raspberry ‘Millefeuille’

This chocolate millefeuille with raspberries is very easy to make. It is a millefeuille of raspberries and chocolate, but the millefeuille are chocolate discs and the filling chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries. They make a great Mother's Day gift or Mother's day dessert.

Instead of handing over a box of chocolates for a Mother’s Day gift, turn the chocolates into thoughtful and scrumptious Chocolate and Raspberry ‘Millefeuille’. These can make a perfect Mother’s Day dessert too! Handmade gifts for Mother’s Day always go down very well and handing over a homemade gift this Mother’s Day will gain you tonnes of brownie points!

No need for tricky pastry making here, instead I’ve used Prestat chocolate discs, homemade chocolate mousse (although you can cheat further here and get some shop bought), a little whipped cream and some beautiful fresh raspberries.

The result is as pretty as a picture and your mum will love the handmade desserts (and only you will know how easy they were!).


Tea from a teapot can feel special on Mother’s Day.


Place old photos round the table of all the children/grandchildren.


There’s enough to make 10, so there’s plenty for all the family to join in.


Just enjoy layer by layer while you talk of family memories. Perfect.



For my Mother’s Day Chocolate and Raspberry ‘Millefeuille’ you will need:

1 box Prestat chocolate thins (there are several flavours that suit this recipe) I used ‘Dark & Milk Chocolate thins with Caramel with Sea Salt’.
300g fresh Raspberries
250g double cream

Chocolate mousse (Laura Amos’s recipe):
250g double cream
250g dark chocolate
5 medium free range eggs

100g caster sugar


Start by making the mousse. Whisk 250g of double cream until just firm then place in the fridge.


Then melt the chocolate using a bain-marie. When the chocolate has melted but is still hot add the whipping cream and whisk until combined. Set aside.


Whisk the eggs and sugar together until it has doubled in volume.


Then add half this mixture into the chocolate mix and whisk until combined. Then add the rest and fold in gently until it is the same colour throughout.

Place the mousse into a piping bag with a star nozzle attached.

Whisk the other 250g of double cream until just firm and also place into a star nozzle with star nozzle.

Now it’s time to assemble!

Set out your Prestat discs in sets of 3, along with the 2 piping bags and the fresh raspberries.


Start with the lids. Pipe a chocolate mousse swirl on the top of each lid (so one in 3 chocolate discs).

Then add one fresh raspberry in the middle of each one.



For the middle later pipe stars of whipped cream. Four round the edge and one in the middle.



This leaves gaps for 4 fresh raspberries to nestle. Finish off with a star of chocolate mousse (this will help the top layer to stick).


Finish off with the bottom layer with a swirl of chocolate mousse with a raspberry pressed down in the centre of each one.



Surround each raspberry with more whipped cream.


Now carefully stack up each one.

Instead of handing over a box of chocolates for a Mother's Day gift, make the chocolates into thoughtful and scrumptious Chocolate and Raspberry 'Millefeuille'. These make a perfect Mother's Day dessert too! Handmade chocolate gifts for Mother's Day always go down very well and handing over a thoughtful gift this Mother's Day will gain you tonnes of brownie points!


Sit down and enjoy the moment.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there x

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This Chocolate and Raspberry Millefeuille makes a wonderful handmade chocolate Mothers Day gift.

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