Life of a Boston Terrier

My name is Poppy and I’m a Boston Terrier. I want to tell you all about myself. My mum says I am sweet and gentle, alert, very intelligent and enthusiastic. But there is so much more to me than that…

Moroccan Spicy Meatballs

I have a husband who is unashamed at sprinkling dried chilli flakes on just about anything. On his breakfast eggs, a cottage pie or even a fish-finger sandwich. He stands by this and states this would not seem strange to most people. Maybe I have become one of a minority who still feels satisfied after a meal even tho’ my tongue isn’t ablaze. These Moroccan meatballs are a compromise (well not really because I absolutely love these) and has lovely Harissa flavours.

Walking around Honfleur

A stroll around Honfleur is like stepping onto a film set. You can hardly point the camera in a bad direction. Tall wooden houses with slate roofs are viewed through masts and ropes of the boats harboured there. Food markets, cafes and shops stuffed full of local produce are all part of it’s delights.