SkyWalk, Auckland

After the disappointment of not being able to fly in a sea-plane, the guys were eager to get up Auckland’s Sky Tower to see the views.

I was hesitant. It was a real challenge for me.

Heights are stuff of nightmares, and in reality I’m a bit of a liability.

Hubby was all ‘You’ll be fine’ and was frankly smug and confident. I stared into his eyes with a ‘read my face, I am deeply unhappy’ look, but failed to see into my ruffled soul.

Looking at James (uber cool) and Charlotte (doing her very best) gave me the push I need to walk lead legged towards the ticket booth.

Skywalk, Auckland

They had screens up showing the SkyJump and the SkyWalk. They were upbeat, showing brave souls going through layers of emotion.

‘You should do it’, I hear my self saying. Then, on seeing James’s face light up I go on, ‘You should do it as a father and son challenge’.

Andy’s face was a mix of horror, fear and wonder. I focused on the wonder.

‘You two will never forget it’.

I was finding it all rather hilarious, forgetting my own fear whilst setting up the love of my life.

So, there you have it. Off they went pulling Wallace and Gromit faces but seemingly up for it.

Charlotte and I jumped into a different lift, with our mouths wide open with shock and glee. It was all so funny (at this point).

Ascended towards the viewing level, the floor and wall of the lift was glass, which bolted us back into reality and like two frightened Meerkats we circled the viewing floor towards the back taking snaps my lifting the camera over the heads of braver souls.

Here they are…


Skywalk, Auckland


Skywalk, Auckland


Skywalk, Auckland

At this point we were very quiet.

We took a slow (and in my case, guilty) walk back to our hotel.

I was forever looking up hoping to see our brave boys, wanting to wave a hanky at them and wish them luck.

Skywalk, Auckland

Finally, from the comfort of our hotel room (don’t you just love a fluffy robe and a coffee machine) we see them.

We could just work them out. James was the one always ahead, doing things first and doing them quicker.

Andy, well he looked more like a convict on death row. I still managed to belly laugh (through tears, because I love him).

Watching your son lean off the edge of a 192m ledge was one of the most horrible moments of my life.

So be warned – there are also folk hurling themselves off doing the SkyJump. Something you need to be prepared for when you are watching with baited breath!

Skywalk, Auckland


Skywalk, Auckland

Skywalk, Auckland

Skywalk, Auckland

Skywalk, Auckland

Skywalk, Auckland

Skywalk, Auckland

we were right, they will never forget it. Now we all laugh about it and quite frankly us girls were bursting with pride. There was no way we would even get in that lift again!!

You have to see this video…

If you are a cool cat (or even a quivering shuffler), if you’re up for it here’s the link to organise your SkyWalk. I salute you.

Check out Piha Beach, it’s nearby and one trip you’ll definitely want to do.



  1. Andy
    May 26, 2016 / 12:06 pm

    Ooh Baby Baby!!! That still makes me shake!

    A truly pathetic display by Father Kelly😫 Hilarious!!

    Although I love the ‘love of my life’ line👍😍

    • Maria Kelly
      May 26, 2016 / 1:46 pm

      My big softy! xx