Hello! This is the place to start if you're wondering, 'What is this lifestyle blog for midlife women all about?', 'What makes it different?' and therefore, 'Are we a natural fit?'.
I am an English woman starting midlife, who loves family, food, travel and dogs. I focus on restaurants (mainly London and the South-East), recipes and trips with my loved ones a great deal. Sharing highlights as reviews, tips and guides (in 2 posts per week).
This blog is about getting the most out of your midlife years. Because, life is too short to eat a bad meal or to stay somewhere crappy. Sometimes midlife can make you all kinds of crazy. I try to talk it out focusing on the good and the loved.
Maybe this resonates with you and we are a natural fit. That's great! Welcome! (Take advantage of the subscribe button below, for all the latest recipes and guides!)
Maybe, we are poles apart and in this case opposites that don't attract. Thank you so much for taking the time to check my blog out!
Or, perhaps you are intrigued. Well, just below are a selection of posts to give you a little taste. Enjoy perusing, I hope you like what you see.
Maria x

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