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Pimp your Victorian Sponge (33 ways).

There are times in your life when knowing how to pimp your Victorian sponge cake can seriously save the day! I was responsible for making a Victorian sponge cake for my Nan’s 90th Birthday party. Making a classic Victorian sponge was a bit of a no brainer, but I wanted to make alternative Victorian sponges…

Spelt Honey and Banana cake with Honey icing and Buzzy Bees

If you only want one banana cake recipe, this is your one! Especially if you get buzzed about honey. Spelt honey and banana cake with honey icing and buzzy bees! Spelt flour is naturally low in gluten (so no messing with Xanthan Gum) and I really enjoy it’s flavour. Good banana days are announced in…

Spiced apple and pear cake with bourbon

Bramley apples, fat pear and sultanas soaked in Bourbon nestle alongside toasted pecans. The cake itself is sweetly spiced and moist and has an irresistible crunchy top which I’ve coated with Bourbon icing and more crunchy toasted pecans. And breath. Needless to say, I love this recipe!