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James’s EGG omelette

When James comes home I’ve been known to beg for one of his omelettes. Now in Normandy together, I have a hankering for the scrumptious egg dish for ‘brinner’. You know, the meal between brunch and dinner (thank you, it’s all my own work). We head off to the market of Honfleur to get the…

My Best Berry Crumble

As a fruit crumble loving English woman getting the best crumble recipe has been an obsession. This is my best berry crumble but you can add this topping to any fruit mix you desire. Crunchy and crumbly, this recipe has only 6 ingredients so it’s an easy to make dessert the whole family will love.

The antioxidant rich brownie with raspberries and pecans Low GI/gluten free/flour free

A healthier brownie? Yes, my lovelies, really! I’ve created this one to be high in antioxidant rich ingredients and high in flavour. I know I’m spoiling you, but I’m spoiling myself too. As a chocoholic I’m loving life!