Why we should be thanking Mother Nature in our Midlife

I’m going to tell you why we should be thanking Mother Nature in our Midlife.

Is it true that old is the new gold? If it is, then I would put it down to Mother Nature, who gets a bad press, but to me has this midlife thing pretty sussed.

Midlife is when Mother Nature grabs you by the shoulders and cries ‘Shits getting serious, so use the gifts you’ve been given’.

The gifts we have earnt include wisdom, patience, acceptance and bravery. But, there are some other bonuses you may not have thought about…


Why We Should Be Thanking Mother Nature In Midlife


The difficult transition from blossom to seed is undeniable, hormone mayhem is not for the weak.

But Mother Nature has compensated us – we just have to put down our hand held fans and de-frizz hairspray for a moment to notice.

Because it’s too easy to concentrate on the hardships that being a women at the menopausal stage heaps on us. Instead, let’s take a minute thanking Mother Nature…




Midlife brain fuzz is Mother Nature’s way of telling you it’s time for some self care.

It’s time to reevaluate what a Super Woman is.

You may no longer be able to keep the house, garden, pets and yourself neat at the same time. Some dishevelment becomes acceptable.

Mother Nature forces you to stop.

She literally stops the over exertion at the thinking stage.

At times, you can be blissfully unaware you have a mountain of things to achieve that day – you are in a fog and you won’t start to panic until you are out of it and realise you missed the dogs worming tablets by a week.

So what’s so good about brain fog? Well, it’s rubbish actually, but it does stop you working yourself so hard that you break. Let’s leave that for the Spring chickens.




Eventually Mother Nature softens your self judgements (MN – this would have been lovely earlier, but we’ll let that pass) and you start to give up the idea of who you are supposed to be and start loving who you really are.

You can lose yourself as a young woman trying to please everyone else. When you reach the mature side of womanhood you begin to except that ‘perfect’ is a flawed concept.

You may think you behaved perfectly to only realise you’ve wound someone right up. You think you’ve organised a perfectly decadent party only to find a few of your guests are bored senseless.

If you try to please everyone, you please no-one – you might as well be yourself then right?!




When I was young I was clever and a perfectionist. I wanted the whole world to be better. Now I’m older, I still wish the world was better – but I’m wiser now and know a better world starts with a better me.

Another reason for thanking Mother Nature is she takes away much of that energy that gets wasted on people who have made your life difficult. Instead, in later years you relent and patiently listen to their complaints without the need to fix the unfixable.




Just think ‘What would you do if you wasn’t afraid’.

By midlife, we have all been through some fairly traumatic stuff. You start to look at the things you used to be afraid of and wonder what the deal was. After all, by now you have survived far worse.

Mother Nature is grabbing you by the ears and yelling ‘tick tock you beauty – make it count!’.

We might as well live life fully in this season we are in – because we won’t get it back again!

What would you do, if you wasn't afraid?


Thanking Mother Nature – bonus benefits!


Let’s be honest girls, as our jowls get looser and our arses get lower, when the passion takes hold it is a gift that our ageing partners see us in soft focus. Thank you sincerely for that one MN.

Mother Nature tells you later in life that, ‘You no longer have to be cool, it’s fine’ and now I can do things like sing (very badly) to my old Labrador, who adores musical theatre, no matter who has come to visit.


I’ve not got all this sussed out – I want the confidence to dance like my Aunties and mum who look free and blissful on the dance floor. I want to be wise enough to slow down. I still want to be so much. But with Mother Nature’s help I’m getting there.

So, although the idea might be to ‘die young… as late as possible’. Perhaps it is better to ‘die mature… as late as possible’ and I’m thanking Mother Nature for it.


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I'm going to tell you why we should be thanking Mother Nature in our Midlife. Is it true that old is the new gold? If it is, then I would put it down to Mother Nature, who gets a bad press, but to me has this midlife thing pretty sussed. Midlife is when Mother Nature grabs you and cries 'Shits getting serious, so use the gifts you've been given'. The gifts we have earnt include wisdom, patience, acceptance and bravery. But, there are some other bonuses you may not have thought about...


Your turn! What reasons are you thanking Mother Nature? I’d love to know.


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    1. Haha – just when being cool slips through our fingers Mother Nature says ‘forget it, you don’t care anymore’ – I think that’s awesome! x

  1. I love, love, LOVE THIS! We really do spend a lot of time worrying over nothing and missing the good stuff. I already know things in my thirties that I wish I had known in my twenties. Make every second count, Mother Nature is very right xxx

    1. Haha I’m chuffed to bits you’ve enjoyed this so much! The wonderful thing about ageing is that Mother Nature takes with one hand BUT gives with the other xxx

  2. I love your positive outlook. It’s worth bearing all this in mind as I dread the next century! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week. X

    1. I used to dread being older – but now I’ve learnt that something changes in you and you have an acceptance to it – and there are definitely positives to getting older too! x

  3. I have to admit I’m far more ‘zen’ about things now I’m older (nearly 50). Everything you mention, but particularly the concept of ‘acceptance’ is a big one for me. In terms of accepting others, the way things are and myself.

    I think patience comes with age as well. You know if something is meant to happen it probably will happen (or you have to make it happen). #teamlovinlife

  4. Hi Maria! I think this is my first visit to your blog (via the Lovin’ Life Linky) – so pleased to meet you, sounds like we have a very similar outlook on life. I’m now following you on FB and IG x

  5. This is such a positive post Maria, so thank you. I have found that since I have turned 45, life is harder physically but I agree that I have more patience and more understanding of life. Things that used to bother me such as makeup being just right or a bit of a midriff just don’t anymore! I am finding this perimenopause hard though it has to be said so I’m off to Read your post about it! Thank you. #thatfridaulinky

    1. Peri-menopause is really tough! The symptoms are so varied and debilitating. I found HRT a tremendous help and I’m currently feeling healthier than I have in years x

    1. I’m so pleased getting older is a topic of conversation now. I thought you were meant to be in your 50’s before midlife started, so it was a bit of a shock. But there are positives that should be celebrated too… x

  6. Oh yes! There’s definitely something about getting older that makes you focus on pleasing yourself rather than worrying about other people. I know when I was younger I used to obsess about what other people thought of me, it would keep me awake at night, but now I think if they don’t like me, that’s fine! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. I loved reading this and everything you have written is so true. I agree that as we get older we see the world in a different light, and stop caring (I’m not sure that’s the right word) as much, but instead want to dedicate more time to doing things that make you happy. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  8. Loved this Maria – it spoke to me on many levels. Especially the brain fog one! I agree, we just can’t do as much or keep things as neat and tidy or in order as we used to, and Mother Nature has ways and means of getting us to slow down. Great post. Thanks for finding me by the way, via #lovinlifelinky 🙂


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