The Fox and Hounds, Egham

When the ‘butter of my bread’ asked to take me AND our doggies for a cosy country pub lunch there was only one way to reply, ‘I’ll get me hat!’. The Fox and Hounds, Egham is the perfect destination as it nestles by the gates of Windsor Great Park. So, the dogs get a walk afterwards and we get to work off those chunky chips.There are many great country pubs in Surrey but not many has the Royal Park on it’s doorstep! So, if you are a dog lover and enjoy a traditional country pub this is a great recommendation for you.

The Fox and Hounds, Englefield Green, has giant stone pots filled with lavender and wooden benches stained silver by the sun, smart whicker tables and chairs alongside giant white parasols are scattered around the gardens.

The Fox and Hounds, Egham

Find this lovely country pub here.

The car park is round the back and the dogs lead the way following the aroma of some delicious smelling pub grub.

man and dogs entering a pub

Get there early if you want to get a seat in the bar. You can’t book. We arrived at just after 12 on a Friday and it was already more than half full.

Country pub bar

There is a bright sizeable restaurant past the bar if you want table service.

The Fox and Hound, Egham

pub dining room

pub dining table

But today we have the hounds so we are in the cheerful bar.

woman with dogs in a pub

man writing on pub chalk board

Here’s the low down:
Monday to Saturday
12pm – 2.30pm

12pm – 5pm- booking in advance is strongly advised

Dinner In The Restaurant
Monday to Saturday
6pm-9.30pm ( last orders to the kitchen at 9.30pm)

Our restaurant closes at 5pm

Monday – Saturday
12 – 9.30pm and 12 – 7pm on a Sunday

Please note
There will be a smaller menu available weekdays and Saturday 3-6pm and likewise on a Sunday 5-7pm

The menu is smallish in the bar but full of crowd pleasures. Fish and Chips for me (and excuse me if I pick up the chips with my fingers, I have my hands full!)

woman with a dog in a pub

Horse trails criss-cross The Great Windsor park and this lovely country pub invites ladies (& gents) who lunch along with their mount.

Horses are ‘parked’ out the front and enjoy a lunch of hay.

lady with a horse

It gives this pub wonderful character and it brings a smile to the face of every pub punter.

Horses outside pub

Horses tied outside a pub

Andy has got the cider in and it’s time to settle in. Cheers, my love.

man in pub saying 'cheers!'

The dogs themselves got a very warm welcome, which made us feel better about bringing in a whole pack. It wasn’t an issue here, thankfully the pooches behaved and the staff were wonderful with them.

man greeting dog in pub

Even getting some dog biscuits from behind the bar!

man giving treat to dog in a pub

pug in pub

Andy and Poppy enjoyed watching the horses through the window.

man and dog in a country pub

woman in a country pub

Bilbo was mainly mesmerised by my roasted peanuts!

dog staring at nut bowl

dog wanting food in a pub

Why is it that pub food is so comforting? Maybe it’s the security in receiving familiar comfort food in a warm welcoming room filled with worn wooden furniture along with the smells of a log fire. Yes, that might be it.

dog friendly pub

I have to say, these fish and chips were superb. Cooked perfectly. The chips were creamy and sweet, my favourite kind, with such a crispiness too. The fish as soft as can be…

pub fish and chips

Young Bilbo and dear old Ferris might have been a little jealous of our carb heavy lunch.

dog wanting chip

Chocolate Labrador

(The shaved lump on our boys forehead is potentially another cancer lump, so he gets a cheeky chip when the others aren’t looking).

They’ve taken it in turns to go to the bar. This time Bilbo goes up with Andy to order desserts and coffee.

man and a dog in a pub

This slice of Tiramisu was delightful. Perfectly creamy with a good coffee flavour. I ate every bit, forgetting the cherry sauce – it didn’t need it!

pub tiramisu

Andy loved this lemon drizzle cheesecake. It was tangy and smooth. The amaretti biscuits went very well with it.

lemon cheesecake in a jar

As we left I found myself pinned to the spot with a soppy grin on my face. These lovely ladies on their beautiful horses were leaving and I had to literally hold arms down by my side so as not to wave them off.

horse and rider outside pub

Thank goodness Alpha Male had control of our little pack who seemed oddly unaware of these giants just a few steps away. perhaps it was the whispered promise of a walk just through the gates of The Great Windsor Park.

man with dogs outside pub

Click here for our Windsor Great Park Dog Walk, where I’ll guide you through a 50 minute walk from The Fox and Hounds, Egham into the Royal landscape and back again.

Meanwhile, check out The Fox and Hounds, Egham and get yourself and your hounds a table in the bar. You’ll be most welcome, I’m sure of it.

T: 01784 433098. You can also email [email protected]

The best time to call them is between 9am-1130am or 3pm-530pm.

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The Fox and Hounds, Egham has the perfect destination for dog owners as it nestles by the gates of Windsor Great Park. So, the dogs get a walk afterwards and we get to work off those chunky chips.There are many great country pubs in Surrey but not many has the Royal Park on it's doorstep! So, if you are a dog lover and enjoy a traditional country pub this is a great recommendation for you.

Another great pub by a wonderful dog walk

The Victoria Paddington is a really dog friendly pub, a short stroll from one of Londons biggest and best parks, Hyde park. You can take your dogs to see all the Hyde Park Sights!



  1. Andy
    October 11, 2016 / 10:00 am

    What a lovely day and a fun post 🙂 I’ll try to adjust the chunckyness of my quadruple cooked mega chips, just for you xxx

    • Homebody3
      October 11, 2016 / 10:18 am

      Finally, we get to have homemade CHUNKY chips! I knew you’d come round! xxx

  2. Jenny
    October 15, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    Hello from Australia. The Fox and Hounds is almost our second home whilst we stay in Old Windsor for 6 weeks on holidays. We love the atmosphere, the staff and of course the food is consistently good.

    • Homebody3
      October 16, 2016 / 7:36 am

      Hi Jenny, what a lovely area to stay for a holiday! The atmosphere is so friendly at this pub, I agree, especially when horses are feeding outside. It’s good to hear from you, thanks for leaving a comment x