The perfect dog walking dress

Nothing says Sunday more than a dog walk followed by a brunch. Maybe a roast dinner. Still, it’s one of the best things about being English! I love to make a special effort when walking with friends or family and NOT wear my usual combats or jeans. So I set off to find the perfect dog walking dress, and guess what? I found it!

There are things to take into consideration when you are choosing the perfect dog walking dress – you need to feel comfortable, you should be able to bend, stretch and chase your hounds with abandon and without mishap. It also needs to look great with a sturdy pair of boots and a wooly hat…


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress.


Have you noticed it doesn’t really get wintery until well into January apart from a bit of frost in the morning? Christmas has become almost balmy in recent years, which I hate. But I really don’t mind how pleasant the walks are!

This dress would pair really well with a thick knit cardi that’s so in style this year – you know, the ones that look like they’ve been knitted using dinosaur bones! And add a pair of thick tights if it is frosty, it won’t spoil the look at all.


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress Winter 2017.
Demonstrating ‘bending’ without mishap…


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress. Flattering Asymmetrical Shape.
Flattering Asymmetrical shape.

Another thing I appreciate about this dress is it’s asymmetrical shape. This Asymmetric Pleated Dress is cut so it does magical things like swoops in under ones boobs to accentuate the waist, but the kicks out to disguise ones girth.

I’ve put weight on and so was extraordinarily excited by the ruffles – which very ‘now’ – I could take them or leave them – but here they work a little magic and disguise my ‘extra load’.


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress.


The back is kept nice and simple.

The dress is easy to wear and easy to care – it’s machine washable.

I’m very fond of the man who owns my local dry cleaners  – he saved the day once on Prom night, when the dress we hired for my daughter was given to us dirty – I shall always be grateful for his stoic effort to get out those grass stains.

But collecting dry cleaning is a bother and always will be. Don’t get me started on hand wash…


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress. The Back.
Simple back with zip.

Because this dress goes so well with boots you can run about. I’ve matched it with an old pair of Biker boots.

By the way Closet London pairs this dress with (very) high heeled ankle boots and it looks fab (I’ve shown you at the end).


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress With Biker Boots.
Pairs well with robust walking boots or even Biker boots.

With all the clever design this dress just might be the best in show. Yes, I did.


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress.


We left the dogs curled up, snoring heavily in their beds, and head back out to brunch at Bill’s.


Bill's Restaurant For Brunch.
Bill’s restaurant.

Where I ordered Coconut Porridge with Golden Berries and Candied Pistachios and a giant mug of Cappuccino .


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress.


Well, I’ve been running round the woods, I deserve it.


The Perfect Dog Walking Dress.


How it looks on a model *eye roll*

Asymmetric Pleated Dress For Women Over 40.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through the links on this page. There is no extra cost to you and everything I pick I love and would 100% wear myself! Thank you so much for supporting my business and the brands that support my blog.

Great boots she’s wearing!! ^

What would your perfect dog walking dress look like? I’d love to hear from you!


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Nothing says Sunday more than a dog walk followed by a brunch. Maybe a roast dinner. Still, it's one of the best things about being English! I love to make a special effort when walking with friends or family and NOT wear my usual combats or jeans. So I set off to find the perfect dog walking dress, and guess what? I found it!


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  1. It shows alot about my fashion sense when what you’d wear for walking the dog is something I’d wear in the office hahaha!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

    1. Haha – it’s totally an office dress! It’s one of those dresses that is so versatile – I’ve worn it now on a gaggle of different occasions x

    1. Thank you so much Natalie! It looks brilliant with heels. Someone mentioned it’s a great dress for the office – it’s just one of those really wearable dresses… x

  2. I must admit I’m not a huge fan of dresses. Until a year ago I didn’t own any. I once did, so perhaps they were something I stopped wearing (along with skirts) when I first gained a lot of weight.

    But there’s a brand here in Australia that makes some light and airy dresses so I now own THREE of theirs. (Adrift is the brand!) Two are very casual summery dresses, though I have to wear thigh-shaping type shorts under them as I worry my thighs will chafe otherwise! :-/ #teamlovinlife

    1. I think there’s a dress for every body type and it’s wonderful you have found a brand you are happy with. The underwear – or structural support as mine has become – is all important haha x

    1. haha I had to catch their paws a few times when they jumped up at me – apart from that it was great! We never stop our dogs running around puddles and stuff – it’s part of being a dog enjoying the mud, I think. So I never expect to come back completely clean! x

    1. Yes, we are lucky to have lots of fabulous walks in Surrey. The dress has been so useful I’m wearing it again and again! (tights are on soon tho’!) x

    1. Haha I usually wear jeans or combats but sometimes I want to dress up. This dress is great when you are walking with friends or family at the weekend, I think. Especially if you are brunching afterwards x

  3. Beautiful dress, it looks so easy to wear, and perfect for keeping casual or dressing it up a bit. Love a dress and boot combo (and I’m totally with you on dry cleaning / hand wash only! My heart always sinks when I read those words!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. You look utterly stunning in that outfit, I just wish I could wear a dress walking my dog. If you had seen the state of me at 6:00am this morning, you’d barely have been able to work out I was a woman. Two pairs of trousers, 3 jackets and a hat. Let’s just say my dog is HUGE and takes a lot of walking in a day! #HoneybeeLinky

    1. Hahaha I am the same sometimes Kirsty as I have four dogs – so this made me chuckle. There are times I’ve had to carry my muddy old pug because she’s tired and by the end of the walk I look like I’ve barely survived it! I save this dress for group walks on drier days x

    1. Hi Claire – I love crisp days! My nan used to say they ‘cleaned’ everything up. I love the feeling of the chilly air and I’d match this dress with a chunky cardi! x

  5. I love the outfit!normally, when I saw a picture of people walking their dog my eyes only saw the dog..but in those pictures I (almost) didn’t see your cute dogs!That dress looks really great on you, and thank you for the inspiration..


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