Where do top travel bloggers want to escape to at Christmas?

Where to escape to at Christmas this year is answered in this travel blog by top bloggers. So, if you need Christmas destinations or ideas for festive holidays or even if spending Christmas abroad is a bit confusing, this travel guide will help you discover inspiring places to be at Christmas. Some recommended places to spend Christmas are snowy destinations, but others will have you basking in the sun at Christmas!

There comes a time when we all crave somewhere to escape to at Christmas. But with a so many choices, where do you start? Who better to ask than some of the top travel bloggers the digital world has to offer! These group of nomads have travel in their heart and soul, so whether you fancy a little sun, somewhere thick with snow, a whole lot of luxury, an adventure of a lifetime or you’re in search for that perfect Christmas experience, this lot have it covered.

A Backpackers Tale

escape-to-at christmas

‘Who doesn’t want to travel to New Zealand for Christmas? First, there you have the undeniable beauty of the craggy mountains, rolling hills, and rocky coastlines. Next, there are the epic adventures. What better way to end they year than by swimming with wild dolphins or skydiving over a glacier. Finally, the weather. New Zealand is in summer during the Christmas season making it the perfect haven for those wishing to escape the cold.’



Check out Stephen’s epic post The Ultimate Backpacking New Zealand Travel Tips. He’s passionate about helping you travel and has some useful hints and tips.

Our Big Fat Travel Adventure




“Living in Asia is great, but when Christmas rolls around, the Brit in me craves frosty weather, spiced drinks, sparkly decorations and glittering lights. So, I’d love to celebrate Christmas in a wintery place like Prague, my favourite Eastern European city. Picture cobbled streets strung with lights, and snow decorating the spiky, gothic buildings. I’d love to explore Prague’s famous Christmas market and head to an old-fashioned pub to take refuge from the cold and sip hot mulled wine.”



Amy and Andrew have written a great post called 10 things I loved about our trip to Prague. They are working hard to be fully fledged digital nomads. Check out their advice and adventures.

Tea Time in Wonderland




‘My dream place this year would be Reykjavik, its colourful houses topped with snow in December. How lovely would it be to take a long walk along the marina, admiring the mountains in the distance, strol through a couple museums to learn about the viking history, indulge in a hot chocolate in one of the many cafés there, maybe go and feed the swans by the frozen lake… There is something appeasing there – a capital, yes, but human size. With tiny ceramic shops inspired by Icelandic moss and volacnoes in the main street, a brutalist cathedral reminding of basalt colums, a cultural center made of a complex mosaic of glass.And then, wrap up warmly and go hunting for the Northern Lights. You can’t beat that kind of magic!’



Coralie’s website is really unique (in a good way). Take a look at her post 24 hours in Reykjavik, her photos will transport you there!

 Mr & Mrs Howe




‘A big part of Kach’s ambition to travel is to step on all 7 continents, purely by backpacking; no expensive around the world tickets to complete the challenge in a week – this is real travelling!

I’m extremely fortunate that I was able to see so much of the world as a child, (mainly due to my father’s job overseas) that Antarctica will finally be my last continent, not that that’s going to stop me from seeing all of the countries on all the other 6 continents!

One of the things that attracts us so strongly to Antarctica is the fact that it’s so difficult to get to in the first place and it’s not just the cost, which at around $8000 per person is enough of a barrier to keep most backpackers away, but you first have to travel all the way to the very southernmost point of Argentina before you can think about starting your journey. It’s going to be a lot of work to get there, but we know we can do it!’


where-to-escape-to at-christmas

Get to meet this loved up nomadic couple over on their lifestyle blog ‘Mr & Mrs Howe‘ where they share their travels and their dreams of finding a marital home. But learn more about their ‘two monkeys travel’ adventures  here.

Salt in Our Hair



‘During christmas time, normally the weather is very sad in The Netherlands. Around 8 degrees with non-stop rain. The sunsets of Koh Tao will make us forget that horrible weather within a second. We also expierenced this place as our favorite place in Thailand which makes us want to go back.’



Make sure you check out Hannah and Nick’s Ultimate Koh Tao things to do Guide and also their 7 Awesome Things to Do on Koh Lanta, Thailand. They share their stunning photos and passion for travel.

 Don’t Forget To Move




‘As tempting as it would be to spend Christmas in our bathing suits on the beach, our ultimate Christmas destination would be Estonia. We recently did a road trip through the country and we can only imagine how beautiful it would be in the snow. We’d love to go back to dogsled through the white countryside and see Tallinn lit up by the lights of the Christmas market. Warming up with a mug of hot mulled wine would just create the perfect Christmas experience.’ 



Jules and Christine have written a useful Estonia Travel Guide: What to see and where to go. They aim to show travelers how to see the world authentically through unique stories, engaging photography and videos, honest reviews and practical travel tips. 

 Silverspoon LONDON




‘I would love to be on the snow white sands of Mnemba Island, Zanzibar this Christmas. A place that is just barefoot luxury at it’s best, with the most incredible food and fantastic service.’



Don’t miss Angie’s London lifestyle, food and luxury travel blog for some inspiration, but especially her HAKUNA MATATA! Welcome to Mnemba Island, Zanzibar post for a Christmas escape in style!

Tales from the Shore



‘There aren’t many places as unique as Marrakech in the world anymore. The moment you arrive behind the massive walls of the old medina you will loose track of time and space. In a world as magical and enchanting, where the word of a king can still move mountains, it’s the perfect escape for any traveller who’s keen to get off the beaten path. So prepare to get lost in the streets of the souks, hike the Atlas mountains and experience a culture that old and rich it will be a journey you always remember.’



Tobi’s travel blog is stunning, with photos that make your mouth drop open. Take a look at his inspiring Marrakech: A weekend of 1001 nights post and consider it for an exciting escape over Christmas.

Briggs Adventure


‘I would love to be on a boat at Halong Bay, Vietnam this Christmas enjoying the breath-taking scenery which just seems to go on for miles. Whilst we travel spending time on boats has been a highlight and I couldn’t think of a better place to spend Christmas than on the water!’.




This is a really cool travel blog, where they have 225 days to explore the world. Take a look at their blog post:   Vietnam: Halong Bay for a very different experience to escape to at Christmas!

The Luxury Editor




‘I love Hong Kong, I used to live there and adore it’s fast paced attitude to life. Add to that its incredible shopping and cool but bright weather in winter, bars and restaurants galore and not to mention it’s compact size and you really do have the perfect winter getaway.



This is a really useful travel blog, with lots of hotel reviews. See what Ross means when he talks of great Christmas shopping in Hong Kong.

Thank you to all these amazing travel bloggers for contributing to this post and shared their awesome and inspiring places to escape to at Christmas. I may just have the next 10 years wrapped up – who’s coming along?!

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  1. Andy
    December 8, 2016 / 7:37 am

    Antarctica get’s my vote. Pics are amazing! Great collection of bloggers👍

    Although I do adore home at Christmas😃🎉🎉

    • Homebody3
      December 8, 2016 / 7:40 am

      Anywhere with a fireplace haha! x