Video diary of a Westie called Ralph

When Ralph came to stay for a week, I took photos and videos for his family. So, here is a collection of his capers, antics, high jinks, challenges and a bit of just plodding along (like Westies do)

He has this face. We all put on a voice as if we know exactly what he’d sound like and say. But we all come up with something different. We all agree tho’ that this face is undeniably a face you fall for.


Ralph (with that face) came to stay for a week and as I have a little pack of my own playtime is a bit of a routine. I’ve got pretty good at tug of war.

Westie wanting to play

But then he gets rather excited as we play in the garden. Being a terrier Ralph wants to bark with joy (well with any emotion actually – but here it’s for joy).

His mum has a command to stop him. It’s ended up (long story) being ‘in your bed!’ and has nothing to do with blankets or bedding, but will it work….?

So we head for the park to run off some steam. Dooo you want the ball Ralph, dooo you want the ball?!

Westie playing

Uh oh, Poppy that speedy Boston Terrier wants it too!

Dogs excited at the park

Someone say ball?

Dogs at the park playing ball

Ready steady…

Dogs ready to catch the ball

Dogs ready to catch the ball


Dogs at the park catching the ball

Ferris (the big guy) almost always gets the ball. See his lovely slow mo jumping video here. So, Ralph doesn’t believe his own eyes and assumes Ferris has the ball!

This week he’s been trotting through the woods, he’s done a whole lot of sniffing, paddled a fair bit in a lake and given himself a bit of a mud bath. He’s seen swans, a heron and met a whole load of dogs of all shapes and sizes.

There was a thunder storm one day. Ralph shot out side to chase it away.

Wet westie

The girls were worried for him.

Worried pug

Worried little dogs

After an almighty clap, poor Ralph came running back in.

Westie scared of the thunder

In to the safety of his bed with his towel to get him dry.

Wet Westie

When Ralph gets wet in the garden or from a walk, (or has finished eating or has just woken up) he likes to give himself a good rub down on my old rough hallway rug. He just likes doing it really.

Westie wanting to play

Hope you’ve enjoyed this video diary of a Westie. Let me know about your Westie and what they get up to!

Wanna see more of this little chap? Click here to see a humorous look at the characteristics of a Westie.


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  1. Andy Kelly
    August 20, 2015 / 8:01 am

    A very welcome visitor indeed! Although, not sure the swans thought that..?!