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If you are thinking you might rent a luxury villa in Tuscany one day, you should take a look at the glorious Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. It has the most stunning views of rolling vineyards, nobly old olive trees and ancient hill top towns. You get to see the Tuscan sunrise and set every day from it’s beautiful lavender and white rose filled gardens. You can sip the boutique wines produced from the estate vineyards that surround the villa. Renting a Tuscan villa surrounded by vineyards was a dream come true. It’s possibly the most romantic villa in Italy!

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany sits just outside the town of Montepulciano and was built in the 1850s. The owner has recently restored the villa in a way that respects its rustic past but is also comfortably modern. There is air conditioning in the bedrooms, although we found the villa to be so beautifully airy, especially with the windows open that we didn’t need to use it.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany | The Front Of The Villa

The front of the villa.

There is a large driveway with incredible views of the hill top village of Montepulciano and the surrounding countryside. There is a huge oak barrel where you can sit at dusk and enjoy watching the sunset whilst sampling local wine.

The swimming pool and grounds, Villa Montepulciano Tuscany

The panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside absorbs you. It is famous beauty and finally I understand why. There is no bad or even average view from this villa. Only glorious.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Swimming Pool.

The pool is surrounded by stunning Tuscan countryside.

The pool is fairly deep but perfectly fine for adults and great for a cooling dip or a swim if you fancied it. But my thighs had a daily workout by walking through many of the local hilltop towns!

When it gets too hot to sunbath, there is a welcome shaded area by the pool.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Shaded Area By The Pool.

Shaded area by the pool.

The pool is open from May to October. It isn’t heated, but after the initial heart stopping moment, it’s really rather refreshing.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Pool And Villa.

The gardens are kept so beautifully with white roses and purple lavender featuring everywhere.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Lavender In The Gardens.

Lavender in the gardens.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Roses In The Gardens

White roses.

You could laze, read, doze or gaze for hours.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Sun Loungers.

Sun loungers with a view.

We enjoyed watching the neighbours comings and goings. It caused much excitement when a car arrived or left! Yes, that’s how much you leave your troubles behind you…

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Incredible Views.

The neighbour.

The lighting becomes most magical towards the end of the day.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany The Pool

The swimming pool as the sun begins to set.

It is the perfect time to take couples photos!

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. A Romantic Holiday Destination.

Charlotte and Matthew.

Love was in the air. But that’s how this villa makes you feel. Happy, and blessed to be sharing this experience with the ones you love.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. A Young Couple hugging.

James and Char.

The interior, Villa Montepulciano Tuscany

There are 6 large bedrooms, all with ensuites. I was a little surprised that they were stocked with teenie bottles of toiletries that didn’t quite fit the splendour of the bathrooms they were in. The quality of the toiletries is probably the only criticism I have of this fabulous villa.

The decor is neat, rustic and homely.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom (upstairs).

I went to bed with a breeze flowing through the open windows and awoke to the sound of bird song. I couldn’t wait to jump up, just to soak it all in.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Double Bedroom.

Upstairs double bedroom.

All the bedrooms are a great size. The villa is huge and there is space for up to fifteen guests.

It has been designed to take in 3 sets of guests at one time although they are booking it as one property currently. There is the upstairs, that has its own glorious kitchen open to a living area and two double bedrooms (above). Andy and I took upstairs…

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Upstairs kitchen.

Upstairs kitchen.

The other areas are downstairs and the guest house.

Downstairs has brick arches and more of those lovely terracotta floors, a nod to it traditional Tuscan past.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Living Room.

Living Room.

Guests are offered the chance to taste wines grown just outside. The villa owner Maurizio has made his wines available at a charge. He is a fantastic host and will spend time advising on excursions or explaining how quality wines are produced. We couldn’t fault him and that is another big reason you should book this villa!

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Wine Tasting Area.

Dining/Wine tasting area.

There are another 3 bedrooms downstairs, including this one in the part of the house that was used to store food, grapes and other things. It allowed the air to flow through and keep everything dry and cool. Now it makes a bright and cool bedroom.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Ground Level Double Bedroom.

Ground level double bedroom.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Dressing Area Of Double Bedroom.

Dressing area.

The huge kitchen is flooded with light. It has the traditional Tuscan ceilings and pasta making chests but also modern appliances including both Italian- and American-style coffee makers. We used both every morning.

We really enjoyed cooking and eating at the villa. Well, with a kitchen and views like these, it’s simply a joy.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Kitchen.

The huge kitchen.

The long dining table is settled in the airy kitchen and is also open to the garden.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Kitchen Table.Kitchen table.

We received a welcome basket of breakfast treats and basic supplies. Guests also get to taste wine with the villa’s owner. He’s a sommelier, a super nice guy and is happy to talk all things wine with passion and humour. We discovered somethings we thought we knew were just myths!

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Villa Wine.

The villa owners wine.

There are touches throughout including fresh looking plants and scented pockets of dried flowers and herbs.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Decoration.

Little touches.

The guest house, Villa Montepulciano Tuscany

This is the third ‘area’ and has one super room and ensuite. Charlotte and Matthew opted for this one.

The swing seat is a romantic touch for this newly engaged couple.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Guest House.

The guest house swing seat.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Swing Seat.

There is no doubt this is a romantic destination.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Romantic Destination.

Romantic destination.

Inside is cavernous! There is an old wooden dining table, a desk, a huge wardrobe and a cot for a little extra one. They had a great big ensuite too. This room gets the sunrise flaming through the windows (if you have the shutters open + if you are a morning person!).

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Guest House.

The guest house interior.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Guest House.

The Villa’s Orchard

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Fruit Orchard.

The Orchard.

Almost hidden from view is a large and varied fruit orchard. The fruits included figs, cherries, apricots, apples and pears. For us, the cherries were nearly ripe. Guests are encouraged to eat what ever is ripe.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Orchard.

The Orchard.

It’s really good fun, plus you don’t get the pesky wasps and bees like you get in an English orchard!

The Villa’s Vineyard

The villa sits in an estate that still produces boutique wines and olive oils. A bottle of Maurizio’s tasty olive oil sits in the kitchen for your use. He offers to show you his vineyard. There are no insects (the vines are pollinated by the wind) but take a pair of flat shoes.

I enjoyed seeing work taking place on the vineyards. Maurizio explains there are challenges and chores all year round. The passion and graft is apparent.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Vineyard.

The Vineyard.

A neighbours old dog turned up to see whats going on and proved rather distracting to my dog loving family.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Local Dog.

A sweet local dog.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Neighbours Dog.

It was fascinating to learn how the vines are treated throughout the year. Our new friend stayed on to listen…

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Learning About The Vines.

Learning about the vines.

Back at the villa we learnt how the ancient olive oil trade of this region has become uneconomical in the face of huge corporates. Today Tuscans still press their olives, but predominately for their own use. Just see how bottles of olive oil, covered in Italian flags, say in hidden small print that the oil is only ‘bottled in Italy’.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Olive Tree.

Olive trees.

Sunrise and sunset from the Villa Montepulciano Tuscany

You will get both the Tuscan sunrise and sunset in all it’s splendour from the garden of this special villa.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Sunrise.


It bursts over the mountains that skirt the horizon.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Rise Of The Tuscan Sun.

The rise of the famous Tuscan sun.

The back of Villa Montepulciano Tuscany lights up in the morning glow…

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Back Of The Property.

The morning sun hitting the villa.

…until it turns golden.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. At Sunrise.

The villa glows golden.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. The Sun Hitting The Villa.

The bench tables outside the kitchen make the perfect spot for an early breakfast.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Breakfast Spot.

Breakfast spot.

Each morning I’d slip a lightweight summer jumper over my pjs and pad around the grounds soaking up the Tuscan sunrises. Taking photos and gapping. I now understand why the Tuscan sun is so notable.

The sun hit the hill top town of Montepulciano nearby.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Morning.

The landscape beyond baths in the morning light.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Local Hill Top Town.

Hill top town of Montepulciano is lit up by the morning sun.

The birds are singing with all their might as they wake up along with the sun.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Sunrise Over The Pool.

Sunrise over the pool.

After a day exploring vineyards, ancient villages and lazing round the pool we shower ready for the evening meal. Sometimes dressed up, sometimes dressed down we open a bottle of local wine and set to watch the sun settle.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Dusk.


We’d cook pasta dishes mainly. Well, you know. When in ‘Rome’.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Pasta Dish.

Seafood pasta dish made by James.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Homemade Pasta Dish.

Pasta dish made by Andy.

Then as the sun begins to set we paired up in couples and just stood.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Tuscan Sunset.

As the sun begins to set.

Stood and watched, as the sun showed off magnificent Tuscany.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Sunset.

Sunset and Tuscan villa views.Villa Montepulciano Tuscany

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany and it’s stunning views have been an absolute wonder. A holiday of a life time and one we will never forget. I urge you to make this happen. By the way, it makes an incredible wedding venue! If you want to soak up the atmosphere and see some of our adventures in the Villa Montepulciano watch this little video:

It’s worth noting we also had a private chef – actually a delightful old Tuscan couple – who cooked us a fantastic meal. All we had to do was drink Tuscan wines, eat a homemade Tuscan meal and enjoy the Tuscan view!

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Private Chef Evening.

Private chef evening.

Needless to say it was a wonderful night, especially as my daughter got engaged to her love Matthew during the sunrise that morning.

Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. Newly Engaged Couple.

Newly engaged.

Note to everyone – She has stopped crying now!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I’m just sharing the love.

Villa Montepulciano  Montepulciano Area, Tuscany, Italy

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If you are thinking you might rent a luxury villa in Tuscany one day, you should take a look at the glorious Villa Montepulciano Tuscany. It has the most stunning views of rolling vineyards, nobly old olive trees and ancient hill top towns. You get to see the Tuscan sunrise and set every day from it's beautiful gardens, filled with lavender and white roses. You can sip the boutique wines produced from the estate vineyards that surround the villa. Renting a Tuscan villa surrounded by vineyards was a dream come true. It's possibly the most romantic villa in Italy!

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  1. Andy
    June 20, 2017 / 3:07 pm

    Buonissimo!!! A beautifully respectful blog, about a truly magical place. You have really captured the essence of Villa Montepulciano! I want to go back NOW!!! A big hand to Maurizio! Super host! Xxx

  2. June 24, 2017 / 8:32 am

    Oh wow how beautiful is this – look like an amazing place x

    • Maria Kelly
      June 24, 2017 / 10:42 am

      Thank you! It was truly stunning and a holiday we will always remember xx

  3. June 24, 2017 / 8:36 am

    Oh this place looks like heaven! I want to pack a bag and go now! Your photos are absolutely beautiful.

    Congratulations to your daughter and her new fiancé xx

    • Maria Kelly
      June 24, 2017 / 10:43 am

      Thank you so much! It was the perfect place to get engaged. She’s here and she says ‘Thank youuu!” xx

  4. June 24, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    what beautiful photos, the Lavender ones are just stunning 🙂

    • Maria Kelly
      June 25, 2017 / 12:05 pm

      Thank you Lucy! The lavender came out the last few days we were there and looked heavenly next to the white roses. x

  5. June 29, 2017 / 11:30 am

    Wow this looks just gorgeous – lucky you! #thelistlinky

    • Maria Kelly
      June 29, 2017 / 1:30 pm

      Thank you, it was so wonderful, well worth considering if you plan a family trip to Tuscany! x