Watermelon water with ginger and lime

This Watermelon Water with Ginger and Lime is a very refreshing flavoured water. It is a watermelon fruit water with ginger grated in. The added lime makes it a zesty water drink that is perfect for anyone looking for a healthy pick me up or a healthier way to drink water.

It’s time to rehydrate. I need it. My liver has been through an endurance test through the festivities and my skin has been lightly smoked by our living room fire for weeks now. This watermelon water with ginger and lime is perfectly refreshing. I’m slightly obsessed by it! No small feat for someone who only drinks water to down an Ibuprofen. If you are into flavoured water or fruit water as I prefer to call it you’ll love this one. The water is flavoured with grated ginger so it has something more about it!

Beyonce is a huge fan of watermelon because it’s loaded with lycopene, a powerful disease-busting antioxidant and it also helps with muscle soreness (so it’s perfect for you New Year gym bunnies).


Limes are a superfood. It has so many benefits including weight loss, skin care, improved digestion and eye care. It’s a real beauty!


Ginger is awesome for digestion and seeing as I’ve eaten my entire weight in dried fruit this Christmas I thought I’d add in a bit. It really adds to the flavour too!

I tend to find flavoured water a little too bland, but this one has attitude. Because you’ll actually enjoy drinking it, you’ll be likely to make it, and drink it, more often. It’ll put you back on your feet in no time!!


For my Watermelon water with Ginger and Lime, you will need:

2cm piece of ginger

3 limes

180g watermelon (a handful of chunks)

A jug of ice



Simply grate the ginger into the jug, add the sliced limes, chunks of watermelon and ice. Top up with water and give it a stir.


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Add watermelon water with ginger and lime to your New Year resolutions!

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  1. Andy
    January 11, 2017 / 10:35 am

    Sounds really refreshing👍 Does it help with Athletes Foot, Gout or Gerd?😬😊 Xx

    • Maria Kelly
      January 11, 2017 / 11:00 am

      No, I’m afraid the feet need to go… ;O) xx