Westminster Abbey and Dean’s Yard

Hubby has always wanted to visit Westminster Abbey. We have been inside cathedrals all over Europe but have never made it here. Nuts considering we’ve both lived south of London all our lives. The Abbey, it turns out, is amazing and crammed with so much of our history we were quite blown away.

My hubby’s grandfather was custodian in the chapter house here and my great grandfather lived in Dean’s Yard and went to the Westminster School. So, we kind of feel at home here.

Westminster Abbey London

Westminster Abbey London

The iconic Big Ben! Part of Westminster Palace next door.

Big Ben London

Parliament Square sign

and the Medieval St Margaret’s church nestled between.

Westminster Abbey London

Edward the Confessor commissioned it, but it was Henry III that began the building of Westminster Abbey in 1245. William Conqueror, however, had the 1st recorded coronation here at Christmas in 1066 and every King or Queen of the UK has been coronated here since (bar a couple).

Westminster Abbey London

The ornate entrance.

Westminster Abbey London

So much of the British history we’ve picked up over the years is represented here:

Queen Elizabeth I is buried here and you can see her face on her grand memorial tomb. Mary Queen of Scots has one too because her son James I reached the throne after Queen Elizabeth I (who had Mary murdered) died leaving no aire of her own. James made sure his mothers tomb matched that of Elizabeth’s.

The Innocents Corner is a discreet memorial to Edward V and Richard, the Princes in The Tower. They are the two young boys who were locked away in the Tower of London, suspected to have been murdered after their father King Edward IV’s died. Many suspected their Uncle, who then took the throne. Bodies of 2 boys suspected to be the princes are laid to rest here.

The Grave of the Unknown Warrior. Surrounded by poppies, I found this very moving. I’m not sure if it was because I have been working on my family tree recently or whether it was Jeremy Iron’s smooth and earnest voice on the headset. Both our Queen and the Queen Mother laid their wedding bouquets here.

Hubby was very excited by the tomb of Henry V, who was quite the warrior.

Walking through the Quire (you can’t normally) and the Lady Chapel were more highlights.

Here I am checking we haven’t missed anything whilst enjoying The Cloisters.

Westminster Abbey London

Hundreds of graves have been grassed over outside Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church.

Some interesting stuff about St Margaret’s:

The East Window contains some of the finest pre-reformation Flemish glass in London. It commemorates the marriage of Henry VIII to his 1st wife Catherine Aragon (the kneeling figures).

The west window commemorates Sir Walter Raleigh, once favourite of Queen Elizabeth I and the guy who brought tobacco to the UK.

Most of the stained glass along the south aisle was blown out during WW2. Pew 38 still shows fire damage due to an oil bomb.

St Margaret's church London

The view of Westminster Abbey as you exit.

Westminster Abbey London

A few paces a way I can be found grinning. Grinning because my Nan’s father was brought up here. My great great grandfather worked at Westminster school so my great grandfather and his brothers went to school here.

Dean's yard Westminster London

Inside is a calm haven away from the crowds. It is a large square with some grass in the middle. It was lovely to see a couple of today’s students playing football on the green.

Dean's yard Westminster London

It has the best view of Westminster Abbey from here.

Dean's yard view of Westminster Abbey London

and this is where they lived. I should imagine they shared the house – it is rather large!

Dean's yard Westminster London

More grinning.

Dean's yard Westminster London

This is where the children go to school, through an old arch linking Dean’s Yard to Little Dean’s Yard (feel like that should be ‘Dean’s Little Yard’), but perhaps there was a Dean that was little.

Dean's yard Westminster London

I can’t wait to show these photos to my Nan, she loved her dad dearly.

Dean's yard Westminster London

Dean's yard Westminster London

Little Dean's yard Westminster London

I’ve never been so welcomed into a church, abbey or cathedral before. Whether you are religious or not, the stories it has to tell are amazing. It is a truly moving place and represents a significant chunk of our history. I definitely recommend a visit. Get the headphones, Jeremy Irons voice sweeps you along! Click here for visiting information.

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