Zelman Meats Soho

When I asked James what lunch he’d fancy for his Birthday lunch, he answered with the speed of a Mastermind contestant, braving the black chair. Zelman Meats Soho.

It had me at beef.

Soho is a shabby cool area full of fantastic eateries. Zelman Meats is tucked down St Annes Court. Dress up or dress casual, just avoid anything tight around the midriff. You’ll want to feast.

Zelman Meats London

Andy and I arrived early. This place has character!

Long table with painting at the end

Actually lots of characters!!

Masculine restaurant interior

In sharp contrast to the dark masculine interior is the bright kitchens, where chefs are busy preparing hunks of meat and flames and smoke begin to lick the grid.

chefs working in a professional kitchen

flame coming through a grill

There’s not much of a menu (only a couple of desserts – breath), you are here for the meat and they make no apology for that, nor should they. It’s what they concentrate on and they do it sooo well (you’ll see!).

Zelman Meats London

So you’ll just want to pull up a chair, pick a glass of good wine or a cool cocktail and let your inner carnivore commence.

Nicely lit steak restaurant

Andy is watching for hints and tips. This is his kind of place (I wondered if he’d actually like to be in the kitchen with them, luckily for me he wasn’t invited).

looking at an open kitchen

The rest of the group arrive and hugs and cheek kissing fly everywhere. Everyone is in good spirits.

man placing bag on shelf

Charlotte has fun cleaning her hands after her journey through London.

pretty girl washing her hands in a restaurant

We settle into our booth and our (rather fabulous) waiter starts to explain the different choices of meat. I love it when people talk with their hands!


hands of a waiter


picking off a menu

After some pondering, and as there were six of us, were simply ordered one of every starter, followed with a bit of every hunk of meat, and one of every sides.

Don’t miss out on the cocktails. This was the Blood Orange Spritz (Bombay Sapphire, Blood Orange, Orgeat, Lemon, Soda, Prosecco). Delicious!

young man drinking a cocktail with a straw

Why is it little sisters always pinch your food and drink? Not sure how Birthday Boy feels about this.

We’re too busy giggling at my cocktail called ‘Have you seen my Koala?’. Phwaaa!!

woman sipping a mans drink

A cracking bottle of wine saves the day.

presenting a wine label

man appreciating a glass of wine

Everyone’s happy.

young woman tasting a cocktail

woman laughing at a mobile phone

laughing at a mobile phone

women in a booth laughing

If we don’t ‘Cheers!’ we simply can’t proceed. I think it’s so British, it’s genetic!

a cluster of cocktails

Our starters arrive carried on big trays and we all sat up in anticipation.

This Tiger Prawn Tempura with Holy f**k mayo and it’s stunning.

pretty tiger prawn starter

Jersey Rocks Oysters. If eating the sea is your thing…

oysters on ice

Oh, this Beef Tartar with Toasted Sourdough. Such sweet, soft beef, with crunchy sourdough…

steak tartar

Tuna Tartar with avocado, soy sauce, lemon and lime. Unusual to have it in diced chunks, I don’t know why, it’s fabulous this way!

diced tuna tartar

Baked Holy F**k rocks (yes, really).

This were the favourite way to nosh the sea critters.

Zelman Meats London

And a simple Caprese with Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil.

stunning tomato and mozzarella salad

Andy is telling us about the taxi drivers he’d befriended on his recent trip to Ireland. No-one gives banter in the world like an Irish taxi driver!

Zelman Meats London

Yum, time for the main event.

a waiter serving a plate of meat

Slices of Picanha, Chateaubriand and ‘Dirty Steak’.

All cooked medium rare, except Olly’s Dirty Steak (a strip loin), which is left for a little longer to develop that dirty flavour!

steak 3 ways

Hellooooo, keep scrolling down. There’s more food to see!

Like these incredible Smoked Short Ribs. The meat slides away from the bone.

smoked short ribs

The sides were pretty great too, like this Aubergine, Miso Houmous, Crispy Shallots, Cucumber, Coriander.

aubergine starter

Roasted Corn on the Cob with Crab Butter. The corn was fabulously roasted and sweet, but for me, not my favourite. I was hoping for a little kick to balance all that sweetness.

tasty looking sides

These Charred Hispi Cabbage with chilli, garlic and anchovies were a surprise winner. Sweet slightly cooked cabbage with a bitter charring, salty anchovies and a bit of spice. Amazing! Have these.

charred cabbage dish

Make sure you get your hands on these Black Truffle and Parmesan Chips!

girls hand pinching a chip

Don’t underestimate this pretty little Chopped Salad, it is a star, you should definitely order one.

pretty chop salad in a bowl

Then along came an innocent looking plate of Brisket. I really don’t want to be bossy, but you really should…

a plate of sliced brisket

I think Andy might be saying something in an Irish accent. I can’t be sure.



The meal has been great. We’ve had a blast and we’ve eaten like kings.

But, we are here for our James’s Birthday, so it’s time to break out into song. (Thanks to the staff for doing this!)


(Thanks to the staff for doing this!)


The singing was loud and proud and not even slightly in tune.


It was a great Birthday Apple Pie.


This Brownie was darn good too. Sigh. Don’t you just love celebrations?!


What are you waiting for? Get your canines to Zelman Meats, your inner carnivore will love you for it. Just don’t forget the sides and desserts too!

Zelman Meats

TEL: 0207 437 0566

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Zelman Meats, London review



  1. Andy
    August 23, 2016 / 1:16 pm

    Another winner! Great post. Loved it. At least we have an excuse to go back..Buuuurger!!!! 🙂 x

    • Maria Kelly
      August 23, 2016 / 2:40 pm

      The only thing we didn’t try. And I’m still not over it! haha! xx